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In my artwork, I am interested in expressing what I can't express easily in words. When I was younger, I was very interested in poetry and I feel that my interest in the visual arts comes from the same source, involving the construction of a kind of visual poem. Much of my work process is intuitive, or possesses intuitive elements within a rational framework. I am most interested in conveying a sense of energy, emotion, or an idea, through a form that may also have a planned and methodical basis.
Multi-Group (Grass) and (Sand), grew out of the desire to convey the sense of something being born or emerging from something protective. In this series, a smaller element gradually emerges from a larger form, protruding out of a womb-like or protective surrounding. These pieces could also represent a kind of regeneration or growth from one form to another, or something sprouting in nature.
Recently, I finished a series inspired by real and imaginary pods and plants. These works show the intricate morphology of organic forms. The pieces in the series are based on a fuzzy Australian plant with external fin-like seed pods (Banksia Grandiflora II), flower-like or leaf-filled basins (Collectors, Radial (Tan), and Radial (Brown), a pod with emergent fins (Lamellate (White) and Lamellate Pair), and Growth Boxes Trio, from which sprout-like organisms emerge and germinate.
The works together convey a sense of interior versus exterior, support versus covering, and structure versus sensuousness. Overall, my recent bodies of work are about birth and growth, variation among similar elements, the structure of natural forms, and a sense of communication and mystery in life.

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