Artist Statement -

My first works of art I have created as a child depicted horses.
Drawing them, I thought I could feel every muscle of the horse I drew. It was far from perfect but the feeling remains.

Even today, after many years, my favorite subject is Horses. For me the horse, beside the beautiful gracious body, is a symbol of a free soul, loyalty and trust.
Especially I�m fascinated by their eyes. An eye, as old people say, is a window to a soul.
When you look in their trustful eyes, you can see they want to connect with us and are always as a vivid shadow that needs to be close, to follow and to please, and blindly don�t expect anything in return � just hopes for love and simple friendship for life.

Over the past ten years my work has transformed from a semi-realistic, simplified close-ups of my subjects, into a floating, colorful �Mottled� compositions.

My Mottled Horses - Equine art developed since 2003-4 in my new �Mottled� style that merges abstract and expressionism with a touch of realism. The subject is created on a colorful abstract background to express feelings, often shown as a close-up, with special attention to the eyes and focusing on specific moods and composition. Often with secondary transparent images to show movement or specific scenario.
In my paintings, I don�t intend to replicate photo-realistic objects, but to capture the utmost uniqueness of life. Illustrating my subjects, I often pay no attention to exact shapes, textures, or real colors and emphasize just on a small fragment, sometimes a very tiny detail, in order to insinuate an idea. That approach leads me to concentrate on what I feel and not what I see or know about the subject. Also, it helps me to effectively use visuals to depict a story about my subject. My art captures just an indication of a subject to leave the rest for my viewer�s imagination to create the unique picture.

- Iwona Jankowski

Artist Exhibitions

I am in the process of compiling my past and current exhibition opportunities.

Artist Publications

Listings and publications;

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Press Releases;

- Contemporary Paintings Magazine 2006

- Art Mine, Agora Chelsea 2005

- eArtZone 2005


Artist Collections

Hundreds of original paintings, as well as most popular Sexy Flowers® and Mottled Horses™ series paintings can be found in numerous world wide collections throughout United States, Tahiti, United Kingdom, Belgium, Australia, Canada, Dominican Republic, Japan, New Zealand, Poland, Germany, Austria, Sweden, France, Holland, Greece, Singapore, and Ireland.


Artist Favorites