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A native of Cap de la Madeleine, Jacques Malo began his studies in fine arts at College and the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivieres, Québec, Canada. During these years of training, he further explores the materials and assembly techniques of modern sculpture. In 1982 my artistic journey really took off, going away more and more of domination and the influence of my teachers of fine arts. The importance I attach to the spontaneity in the creative process was problematic in sculpture. Then I began to make an approach using Styrofoam as a material and the technique of direct carving, allowed me to shape volumes with a gesture so eager to be possible in size, the images arose in my mind.
To get a solid finish and acceptable, I used the fibreglass, resin and paint spray. This artistic journey was the subject of my solo exhibition at the Imagier, gallery of art in Aylmer in 1984. The event 'Sculptors at work' allowed me to explore other material, marble. Always with the technique of direct carving, I began to explore this area in order to truly know its challenges and achieve more, to measure my ability to overcome such material.
Although education took a more prominent place in my artistic life, being overworked at a certain time, I could still keep the focus on exploration. The bronze works fascinated me and I began to learn more. By dint of obtaining information here and there and cover the literature on this subject, I undertook the realization of furnaces that will allow me to satisfy my curiosity and stubbornness to produce works in cast metal. Between my hours course, I worked to get both the necessary dewaxing furnaces and smelting. Let's say that at that time, around 1995, commissioned by the Cégep de l'Outaouais for the implementation of sculpture trophies for staff, made me speed up the process ...
Now 2000 is behind us. I can say that currently I am able to master my art and techniques of carving and moulding. But that technology remains a vehicle of creative thinking. And my personal and artistic journey leads me to reflect on the creative avenues that are placed in my path. The current art is liberated from the domination of technology and 'noble materials', which is good. The artist today can explore a multitude of ways to satisfy his desires to do, invent, create.
Therefore, my participation in the Festival of Montpellier Recycl'Art me to explore other materials, in fact, another approach to sculpture and its many challenges. And what challenge for me, accustomed to more traditional techniques of the sculpture and the work of forms and volumes on the subject. I feel like a child before his legos (construction set). My brain turns and acrobatics and all sorts of images taking shape in my head...

Artist Exhibitions

2009 Exhibition at Festival Recycl'Art Montpellier, Quebec. Mention of public and first choice of members of the CSQ (Conseil de la sculpture du Québec) for the work 'Cocktail'.
2008 Exhibition at Galerie Montcalm Gatineau under the theme: 'The sculpture in all its senses. "Audience Award and Mention of peers to work 'Qu'est-ce que t'as dans la tête?' (What's wrong in your head?).
2008 exhibition at the Festival Recycl'Art Montpellier, Quebec. Jury for the work 'Flamants frites' (Flamingos fries).
2007-2008, exhibition at the Museum of World Religions, Nicolet, Quebec.
Summer 2007 exhibition at the Festival of Recycl'Art Montpellier, Quebec.
1990 National Exhibition of Visual Arts, Room Royal Complex Rooms Sélectes in Montreal during this exhibition: 1st prize for sculpture.
1988 Biennial Quebec-France at the Galerie Anima Complex G Quebec city, Canada.
Winter 2007 and 2008, member of jury at the International Snow Sculpture Quebec city.

SOUDEYNS Maurice. The Contemporary Arts in Quebec (the 1990s) General Publishing Company, 1994. P. 53 ISBN 2-921228-04-1...

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