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Living in Brunei has enabled me to rediscover my artistic skills and to explore new subjects. It was through becoming an immigrant to an unfamiliar culture, that I noticed the non human groups who were coexisting closely with the local population, whilst effectively invisible. These were the stray dogs and the macaque monkeys. Both these groups were interesting to me because of their proximity to urban centres, shops, car parks, all the locations that humans regularly visit.
Travelling around SE Asia I have experienced the various ancient Hindu, Buddhist and animist cultures in Bali, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. The sacred art and dance of these regions, and the significance of Hanuman, King Monkey further interested me in monkeys as a subject.
The supermarket monkey troupe has provided handy models in a fascinating juxtaposition of wild animal and imposed urban environment. I am also interested in exploring the physical shapes of the monkeys; their flexibility, strength, their expressive limbs.
Having had a break from painting for several years, I am re experiencing the quality of materials and their potential. I really enjoy the process of using the paint; colour mixing, the textures, the mark making, even the smell! The work I am currently producing is largely naturalistic, which is a big change from the way I worked when I was younger, and which I believe is to do with reaffirming my technical strengths. However I am still working in a very personal and expressive way and putting a lot of myself into the paintings.

Artist Exhibitions

"Monkey See, Monkey Do"

Sunday 20 June - Saturday 3 July 2010

Jadyn's Art Gallery
Jalan Pretty
Kuala Belait
Brunei Darussalam...

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