Artist Statement -

My Art could possibly be best described as „Sense Data Art“, from the term brought up by the last century´s British philosopher H.H. Price. For him Sense Data were the „momentary nonanalyzeable personal objects and states of perception“. The ever existing question of the essence of perception and its importance for Art was for me the most thrilling one.
Hence the story of my artistic activity may be called as writing a „Sense Data Art Diary“. As Sense Data, the mind dependent or mind independent „personal objects“, cannot be further analyzed, the Artist may, by using his sensitivity, try to transcribe these objects on paper and to record them for himself and others. Predominantly the daily pages of my „Sense Data Art Diary“ were worked out by the method of reinvented automatic drawing as first used by the surrealists. These first unintentional drawings are in the process of further interaction uncovering the essence laying behind or in it as the sculpture is slowly appearing from the rough stone to its final form. This final shape invites for a title, which gives it another spiritual dimension.

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