Artist Statement -

Woman, flower, abstraction
Three pivotal images in my oeuvre entwined to
form the statement I strive to put forth each time anew.
I am a woman, I am a flower, I am an abstraction.
These images constantly support and rely on one another.
The abstract paintings are typified by a flower's architecture,
the flower paintings are on the verge of abstraction,
and the women's paintings sprout with stains.

My mode of work includes the use of diverse and complex
techniques, spanning a wide range of materials and media:
photography, computer processing, printing spraying,
high-gloss enamel paints, acrylics, glass paints, watercolors,
oils, felt-tip pens and pencils.
The canvas is processed in stages, via cumulated layers that
maintain intricate interrelations of construction and destruction,
mending and erasing.

Whether the emerging image has ascribed value or not,
the painting's true theme is in fact painting. The work
transpires as a private outcome of the path towards
that particular painting: the trail of its drippings, the mass of its
strata and the depth of its insights.

Artist Exhibitions

Jasmine Ronel
Born in Eilat, Israel, 1970
Lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel

Vital, Tel Aviv Center for Design Studies
Hamidrasha Beit Berl, Art College

Selected Solo exhibitions
2009 Re Mark Able, Shmone - private saloon gallery, Tel Aviv
2003 February Girl, Julie M. gallery, Tel Aviv
1999 Baggage Claim, Beit Haam art gallery, Tel Aviv
1997 Shinka Kambalista, Beit Haam art gallery, Tel Aviv

Selected Group exhibitions
2009 Corrections, SomArts Cultural Center, San Francisco, California, USA.
2007 Vailmera Art Symposium - Video instalation
2004 ArTour, Number one station, Aharon Shlosh, Tel Aviv
2003 Contemporary Israeli Art, Robert Sandelson gallery, London
2002 Imagine, Om el fachem gallery
2002 In their own eyes, Julie M. gallery, Tel Aviv
2002 Focus on painting, Haifa Museum
2001 Julie M. gallery, Tel Aviv
2001 Four, Pyramid art gallery, Haifa
2001 Makat 0070015700, Desingof Center, Tel Aviv
2000 Indiscotika, Heinrich Bell Foundation art gallery, Tel Aviv
1997 Weddings, Hamumche art gallery, Tel Aviv


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