Artist Statement -

In these abstract works I am exploring the mystery of a moment. The subjects may be personal, a relationship, experience, or question, or an observation of human interactions or natural occurrences. The common theme is the intricacy of moments of intense phenomenon. I leave the work when there is an ambiguous sense of something happening, a suggestion or implication rather than a statement, as in a partially remembered dream.
Each piece starts as a journey, an exploration. I consider each piece a conversation, a dialogue. I feel I have succeeded when the ambiguities in a work lead me to question levels of experience--rational, emotional and mystical, which exist simultaneously. A static work of art can “freeze a moment”. I want to take the skin off a moment, see inside, and show it.
In my latest work I am creating small textural pieces on paper. Most are 5x7 inches. I have found that these pieces create an intimate viewing experience as the viewer is drawn in for a close look by the textural surfaces. I have collaged in a variety of materials including fibers, feathers, dried paint chips, and various papers.

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I am in the process of compiling my past and current exhibition opportunities.

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