Artist Statement -

I am featuring images (drawings, watercolors, oil) of the Pitch Apple Tree and Photographs of Wading Birds in SW Florida.

Artist Exhibitions

2011-2012 Special Recognition award, Big Blue, canvas monoprint, Upstresm People Gallery, Dec. 2011-Nov. 30, 2012, 9th Annual Color: Bold/Subtle, Juried Online International Art Exhibition.

[2009] Neptune's Fury, an abstract oil painting from the
Hurricane Katrina Series, was selected for exhibit at
the FYR Arte Contemporanea, Florence, It., Sept.4-30.
Catalog available.
[2009] "Florida West Arts," Artescape I, Artescape II, Artescape
III, International Design Center, Estero, FL, Mar., Apr.,
May. [6 oil paintings]
[2009] "Florida West Arts," International Design Center, Estero,
FL., Feb.
[2008-9]"Florida Artists Registry," The Gallery at Avalon Island,
Dec.-Jan., Orlando, FL. Award [Katrina Series]
[2008] "Intimate Whispers," Solo-Show of four new Limited Edition
Collections of Original Digital Prints at the Botero Galleries,
in Naples, FL, Apr. 10-30; accompanied by book signed of the
artist's book entitled: Original Giclee Prints: Intimate
Whispers. 78 pp., 50+ ils. Published by J. Bailey Studio using
the layouts. Available from J. Bailey Studio or All of the new images are shown in the book.

[2006] "Best of Florida Artists Registry," City Arts Factory, Oct.
20 - Nov. 10, Orlando, FL.

[2006] "Paintings inspired by the Peten Rain Forest," Botero
Galleries, Inc., Naples, FL. Sep. - Oct., (Greensleeves, O/C,
(60" H X 48" W; Jack in the Beanstalk, O/C, 60" H X 48" W),
Contact: Kathy Botero, Dir., 239-596-4644 for more infor-
ation and free trial in Naples-Ft. Myers, FL area.

[2006] Featured Artist-Florida Artists Registry, Aug. 28-Sept. 2.
[Online Gallery Premium Artists]

[2006] "Chelsea Global Showcase Competition 2006," Amsterdam Whitney
Gallery, Chelsea, 511 West 25th St., NYC, NY 1001,212-255-9050,
August 4-25. [Avant Garden, 4' H X 5'W, O/C on]

[2006] "Women in the Arts 2006," Joint Exhibition, City of Doral,
FL. and Museum of the Americas, Reception, Apr. 10.

[2006] Solo Show: "Aerated Abstractions," Kennedy Studio (Botero
Galleries, Inc.) Feb. 2 - Mar. 2, Marco Island, FL.

[2006] "Parallels 2006 - Journeys," Group Show, Artful Gardens
Gallery for New York Times Arts & Leisure Weekend, Jan. 6-
Jan. 20, Zephyrhills, FL. [Rouge et Noir, Merengue]{Award

[2005-6] Group Show, "Small Works," Grand Bohemian Gallery, Orlando,
FL, Nov. 25-Jan. 5, 2006. [Woodwinds, Mars Launch and Tea Time]
Grand Opening, December 8, 2005.

[2005] "Naples Scene: Estero Artist...," The News-Press, Sep. 15, 2005. ils. Blast Off and Moon Glow

[2005] Group Show, "Featured Artists," Mountain Shadow Gallery, Tucson,AZ

[2005] Group Show, "Speaking Out," Alliance for the Arts, Ft. Myers,
[2005] "Sm...ART Move," by Quentin Roux in Marco Island Eagle, Cover il., il., p. 1C, il. p. 10C. Review of Group Show.

[2005] Group Show, Kennedy Studios, Jun-Jul, Marco Island, FL. [four oil paintings]

[2005] "NAPLES SCENE: On Display," Botero Galleries [Frame Shop]-Mini show of six oil paintings. Bailey is also showing twenty of her oil paintings at her studio. The News-Press, Mar. 10, 2005.

[2005] Group Exhibition, 2005 National Art Show I, Guests Gallery (Online Gallery).

[2005] Juried Selection, Florence Biennale of Contemporary Art [Biennale Internazionale dell'Arte Contemporanea, Florence,Italy;
December 2005].

[2005] Juried Selection, Galerie Gora, Art Contemporain, Montreal, QC, Canada, 2005.

[2005]Women in the Arts 2005, Museum of the Americas, Miami, FL. Catalog, il. AWARD: "Honorable Mention" by Independent Juror [Online exhibition in "Artists Registry" for 6 mos.][]

[2005] Juried Selection, International Art Exhibition, "Emotions in Motion," Estense Castle, Ferrara, Italy; March,2005

[2004-2005] "Featured Artist" (online Absolutearts, Premiere Portfolio - Juried) 7/12/04, 9/11/04, 10/0804, 12/12/04, 12/27/04, 3/15/05, 4/09/05, 4/13/05.

[2004] Juried Selection, Skylight Gallery [Opening], Dalles, Oregon; December, 2004.

[2004- ] ART ON VIEW (non-profit org. for promotion of selected [juried]artists online, based in San Francisco, CA); continuous exhibition and promotion of Bailey's work (incl. biography & statement).

[2004]Group Show, Church Street Gallery of Contemporary Art (Orlando, Florida).

[2004] Latin American Art Museum "Women in Arts 2004" (Miami, Florida). Catalog, il.

[2004] Serious Studios (Miami, Florida Design District),Brochure, ils.

[2004] Guests Gallery-Point 2004 awarded "Best in Show" (On-line juried show).

[2004-2005] Solo Exhibition, "South by Southwest," at Guests Gallery, September 1,2004 through August 31, 2005.

[2003] "Art League of Bonita Springs 1st Juried Show," Bonita Springs, Florida.

[2002-2004] - Three Studio Exhibits, Estero, Florida. Brochures, ils.
[moved studio from Arizona to Florida 2002]

[2002] Fall Exhibition, Arts Council of Southwest Florida, Ft. Myers, Florida.

[1999] Alumni Exhibition, McDonough Museum, Youngstown University, Youngstown, Ohio. Catalog.

[1999] Cactus Shadows Exhibition, Center for the Arts, Cave Creek, Arizona.

[1998] Hidden in the Hills, Sonoran Art League, Three-Day exhibition,
studio visits, plein air demonstration by Bailey(Sahuaro at Skull Mesa).

[1996-1997] (3) Studio Exhibits (Pinetop and Scottsdale, Arizona).



Artist Publications

[2008]"Florida International Magazine, Artists Showcase 2008,"
by Caroline Flitter, Florida International Magazine,
Nov., pp. 55, 65. il. Howling Dog

[2008]"Joyce Waddell Bailey Helps Digital Prints Come into
Their Own," by J. Sanders Eaton, Gallery & Studio Magazine,
Sep.-Oct, p. 32. il. Howling Dog.

[2008]Who's Who in World Art, Art Domain Gallery, Leipzig,
Germany. il. Rouge et Noir

[2007]"Joyce Waddell Bailey's Organic Inspiration," by Ed
McCormack, Gallery & Studio Magazine, Apr.-May,
p.25. il.

[2006]"Annual Directory," New York Arts Magazine, Fall,
il. Eternidad.

[2006]"Estero Artist's Work Lands in Big Apple," Gulf Coasting,
The News-Press, by Charles Runnells, Aug. 16, pp.1-4, il.
Barnum & Bailey [Circus].

[2006]"Creative Block," by Jamie Henline, Bonita Daily News, Special
Report: Art Scene, Aug. 7, pp. 1-A, 7-A, il.[Online Naples

[2006]"Estero painter's artwork chosen for N.Y. show," The News-
Press, Gulf Coasting South, Aug. 2, pp.1-3, il. [Avant Garden]

[2006] Artists Directory, ARTnews, Mar., p. 150, il. "Woodwinds."

[2006] "Just Because..." by Erin Rabon, Bonita Living Magazine,
Jan., p.102, il., description "Blast Off."

[2005] Artists Directory, ARTnews, Dec., p. 162, il. "Rouge et Noir."

[2005] Finalist, "Individual Artist Fellowship 2006," Florida Division of Cultural Affairs.

[2005] "ALL ABOUT ART 2005," IL. Barnum & Bailey, p. 72, "STATE OF
THE ART," p.87, Joyce Waddell Bailey, p. 87, il. [Barnum and
Bailey, by Shawn Bean, Florida International Magazine, Oct.

[2005] "Naples Scene: Estero Artist...," The News-Press,Sep. 8, 2005
p. 5, Blast Off and Moon Glow, ills.

[2005] "Sm...ART Move," by Quentin Roux in Marco Island Eagle,
Cover il., p. 1C, il. p. 10C. Review of Group Show.

"Just Because..." by Erin Rabon, "Jack in the Beanstalk," [Descritpion] Bonita Living magazine, summer, 2005, il.

"NAPLES SCENE: On Display," Botero Galleries [Frame Shop]-Mini show of six oil paintings. Bailey is also showing twenty of her oil paintings at her studio. News-Press, Mar. 10, 2005.

"We have been attracted by your vibrant and powerful paintings like
"Paradiso," "Glorioso," "Carnivale," and "Pistons." Artistic Committee, Estense Castle, Ferrara, Italy. 2005 [Jury for "Emotions in Motion Exhibit"]

[On Bailey's Distinctive Approach]
"I really like her work a lot...her style is very unique and the colors...vibrant...she has a special spin." Kathy Botero, Director;
Botero Gallery (Naples, Florida) in the Tropicalia Magazine, The
News-Press, "Brush with Nature," February 1, 2004, center-fold.

"Plenty of artists in Southwest Florida paint botanicals. But what Bailey does with the subjects is unique." M. Wozniak, Art Reporter,
The News-Press in the above article. In the same article she dubs Bailey a "POW Artist" because of her selection of subject and techniques. [2004]

[On Bailey's Studio Exhibits]
"Thank you for generously opening your home and studio...we...were
so inspired to see your work and vision...It's exciting work!"
Letter dated March 2, 2004, from Peggy Haug (the late Charles
Burchfield's granddaughter).

[On Bailey's Oil Paintings]
"After looking at a Joyce W. Bailey painting, no one will ever look at a Florida bromeliad or an orchid the same way again."
M. Wozniak,Art Reporter,The News Press (Ft. Myers, Fl.) in "Nature of Beauty," October 4, 2003, page 1.

[On Bailey's Macro-Photography]
"I'm really thrilled for her...the images take on a whole different personality...The images and shapes are just phenomenal." Susan
Bridges, Executive Director, Art League of Bonita Springs (Florida)in
the above article, "ARTIST: Ohio Native finds Southwest Florida colors
Amazing." The News-Press (Ft. Myers, Fl.), p.2. [2003]

[On Bailey's Oil Paintings]
"We are so impressed with Joyce's ability to create luminosity; the
painting comes to life in all kinds of light. We can't take our eyes off of it." Mr. & Mrs. Tony & Hilda O'Riordon, Art Collectors, Co.
Dublin, Ireland.


Artist Collections

Botero Galleries, Inc., Naples, Marco Island, Florida

Jerry & Dusti Beaubien, Birmingham, Alabama

Museum of the Americas, Miami, Florida

Carol and David Nevins, Port Matilda, Pennsylvania

Robert Berney Miami,Florida

Hilda and Anthony O'Riordan, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Kimberly Keiser, Atlanta, Georgia

Berney-Bailey Collection, Estero, Florida

Anthony and Vida Vrckovnik,Toronto, Canada

Sandra Borrow, Alpharetta, Georgia

West Bay Club (Lehman Brothers & Indian Hill Partners), Estero,

Dr. Philip Weisinger, New Haven, Connecticut

Mr.and Mrs Jerry Beaubien, Birmingham, Alabama

Charlotte Bonderude, Cave Creek, Arizona

Sharon Bailey, Ft. Wayne, Indiana

State of Connecticut, Child Welfare Division

Dr. Fred and Sannie Ziegler

Renaissance Vinoy Hotel, St. Petersburg, Florida...

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 , , , Original Painting Oil, size_width{Pitch_Apple_Tree_Series_Male_of_Species-1476288400.jpg} X
Original Oil Painting, 2015
15 x 11 x 1 inches (38.1 x 27.9)

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