Artist Statement

Art is a thread connecting the many passions I value in life. Painting and illustration are two of my favorite modes for pulling together the vast array of subjects that fascinate me, people I've met, and places and events I've experienced, into an evolving series of statements and reflections of the world.

The creation of art is one form of visual story-telling. What each viewer brings to their experience of an image is as important as the image they're observing. When this is realized, both the viewer and the image are liberated, and the image truly speaks to the individual in a unique way.

Artist Exhibitions

2011 - Paintings from Austin Illustrated Calendar at Monkey's Nest Coffee Shop

2010 - Painting and items featured in Austin Visitor's Center - Austin, Tx

2010 - featured work at The Oasis on Lake Travis - Austin, Tx

2009 - "Keep Austin Bizarre" Bazaar - Austin, Tx

2009 - Austin Illustrated Calendar at Austin Visitor's Center, and BookPeople - Austin, Tx

Artist Publications


Artist Collections

Numerous private, corporate, museum, gallery and government collections detailed information coming soon.

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