Artist Statement -

My medium is art photography. This means there is no claim of documentary realism - the pictures are created to present an idea but based originally on photographs and (mostly) having the style of a photographic image. I work in South West England and he Charente region of France. My subject is an exploration of beauty and dreams - I see more than enough of troubling reality to want to project it further.

My work covers 40 years starting with B&W bleak landscapes through abstract nudes, portraits, dance & theatre to the added dimension of colour and emphasis on personal experience and subconscious mythology. I am always improvising, trying to learn from the images and people's reactions to them.

My own website is a portal to my longstanding gallery which includes a lot of background information about the images. I also have a blog which I have just re-activated. I plan to add the stories behind many of my photo series, old and new.

More of my work can be seen via my website:

For non-commercial uses some of my images may be available free if suitably credited - please contact me for details.

A note on prices: prints are strictly limited to 99 per edition and the price of each print is increased as more of that edition are purchased. The first is offered for $200 (+delivery) and the second for $220 incrementing by $20 for prints 2-20 and by $50 for 21-40, more steeply thereafter. Ownership is registered and transferable so prints can be re-sold at near the current price for that edition, ensuring a steady increase in the value of your investment. Provided provenance is maintained damaged or lost prints will be replaced at cost (in the artist's lifetime). Full details on request.

Artist Exhibitions

I am in the process of compiling my past and current exhibition opportunities.

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Numerous private, corporate, museum, gallery and government collections detailed information coming soon.

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