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To order a portrait of your own dog or cat, contact this artist at, or call 1-918-207-1610. Portraits take up to two weeks, including drying time before shipping.
I love color and the drama created by extreme light. Flowers are some of my favorite subjects because of their color and translucency. Animals are also favorites because I feel challenged to capture their individual personalities by using unexpected colors to capture the emotional expression.

Because of my background in commercial art, primarily architectural renderings, I also enjoy the special discipline of painting buildings, using the shapes of the shadows as a focal point.

The play of light and shadow across a subject are what draw me to it. If I can play with the juxtapostion of colors at the same time, then my soul is completely happy!

I am a member of Oil Painters of America, and am in several galleries in Austin, Texas, Wimberly, Texas, Carson City, Nevada, and Tulsa, Oklahoma, and other art venues.

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