Artist Statement -

I do the work to go through the process of solving problems and completing thoughts in an ever simplifying language. My goal is to create visual spaces where, in a Rothko sense, the viewer will feel the spiritual experience of color. My aspiration is to record the least cluttered path to this experience.

The decision making process while working is a dialogue with the work. The technique of applying paint and the language of line, shape and color is almost always the same, but the process is responsive to each new, physical or otherwise, place.

Jeffrey Murray Ovila Gougeon, 2009

Artist Exhibitions

Group and Juried Shows

2010 "International Collective Exhibition"
Curated by: Rose Marie Bellemur
Camden Art Gallery
61 Chalk Farm Road
London NW1 8AN
United Kingdom

"Little Treasures"
2010-05-08 until 2010-05-21
Galleria De'Marchi
Bologna, Italy

"International Contemporary Masters - Volume Two
2010-04-14 until 2010-06-05
Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art
Las Vegas, NV, USA United States of America

2009 "What's your E?", Gallery Sae Chul, Seoul, Korea

"Personally Political – Contemporary Sensation" The Art House
Tacheles, Berlin, Germany

"Sketch it out" APW gallery, New York, USA

"The Birth of Right and Left" Ico Gallery, New York, USA

2008 "Traces of Memory" Castello Estense di Ferrara,

2001 5th Annual ¡®Artists in the Hood, The Flower Factory,
Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver after Hours¡ (with Madeleine Wood and Bill Bissett)
Yada Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

Discovery 2001¡ Seymour Art Gallery, North Vancouver, Canada

2000 Details, The Whip Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

1992 Works on Paper¡(with Zoltan Bata) VAV Gallery, Concordia
University, Montreal, Canada
Exhibition of the finalists of the Albert Dumouchel Contest,
L'union des Graveur du Quebec,Montreal, Canada

1990 Exhibition of the Graduating Students from John Abbott
College, Dorval Public Library, Dorval, Canada

Recent Solo

2007 Kwae Paintings on Paper. Mignon Terrace, Seoul, South Korea

2005 how to float standing up, le Salon de Nina's, Seoul, South Korea

2000 Weaves Zig's Urban Bistro, Vancouver, Canada

Recent Paintings¡ Never mind, Vancouver, Canada

Artist Publications

Some new work has been included in the September catalog from my work is now featured on the Macoll homepage

Artist Collections

collections throughout the world including Canada, America, South Korea and Singapore

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