Artist Statement -

I create mosaic art panels and decorative pieces, sculptures, paintings, and drawings. My works range from the abstract to the designative, and my inspiration is derived from a wide range of sources, including internal issues and meditations, technology, and the natural environment. I include experiences from my past and my travels in the visual art I create today.

When I work with wood, metal, stone, glass, or ceramic tiles, my goal is to transform these seemingly static substances into dynamic works that resonate with delicacy, softness and pliancy. My mission is to work with my materials in a way that will help viewers experience the mood, meaning and esthetics of my art without focussing initially on the actual materials.

Although I am a self-taught artist, I have taken courses in Old Masters drawing and painting, and this training often surfaces in my work: I love the play of dark and light tones, and I enjoy pushing even the simplest materials to their limits. I thrive on the challenges involved in creating “paintings” from small pieces of glass or carving a “living” creature from a chunk of stone.

I believe that we can all only achieve a genuine understanding of and respect for the natural environment by striving to gain a true understanding of ourselves. By knowing and respecting ourselves we will more readily honor our environment – and those we share it with. Thus, instead of concentrating initially on the outcome of my creative work, I often begin by understanding and working with my inner connection to the materials. The actual process of creating a piece often becomes the message of my work, and many of my images evoke an inner story that is unique to each viewer.

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