Artist Statement -

My work represents moments in my life that I am certain about. I have found that producing art is a way of processing people and places that have impacted me in some way. I work from photographs that have captured an experience that has influenced me in a positive or negative way. While I am painting I am sorting through the emotions, the moods, and the opinions I have about that subject. When the image is finished it reflects the understanding and content I have with that subject matter.

I began primarily using encaustics because I wanted a challenge and I was fascinated with its ancient history. Encaustic differs from other paints in the fact that the molten wax begins to harden the moment it leaves the heat source. To fight the essential character is to be defeated. In encaustic painting one needs to literally go with the flow. That means working quickly to place your stroke, even if you have to contemplate for twenty minutes on precisely where to place it.

This medium reflects the process my mind is beginning to take. Encaustic is a layering process. Layering the surface of the painting with beeswax is much like the way that my memories are layered and reworked in my mind. When painting with wax you just need to feel the flow of the wax and just let the wax find its place. My attitude towards life needs to go with the flow instead of worrying about everything all the time, and unlike life, encaustic is forgiving. If you don’t like what you put down, just scrape it off and start over. If only life were as easy.

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