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Artist’s Statement

I reject the description of the style of my painting as photorealistic. I make no attempt to duplicate a photograph. Although there can be a valid artistic point in doing this, it is decidedly not my point. I attempt to communicate a reality or rather an illusion of actuality, as perceived by the eye and mind that is more intense, more concentrated than that which can be captured by the camera and lens alone. I also attempt a more honest portrayal of what is real than can be produced by the simple photograph. Since many of my paintings are purely conceptual, existing originally only in the imagination, or as a distillation or manipulation of many separate scenes that may exist, did exist or I think existed, the charge of “merely” duplicating a photograph is particularly galling. By representing the finest detail in paint I attempt to foster the illusion, (or foist the illusion), to give a perceived concrete existence to a pure product of the interpretive imagination. The sometimes excruciating detail is fundamental to the intended impression, a sleight of hand (or eye), where we are perhaps distracted by the minutia, enamored of it and thus lulled into a forgetfulness that the whole is artifice, an elaborate construct that takes on a life entirely its own, an exaggerated reality so real that it seems dream-like, a dream more real than waking.

Artist Exhibitions

Tom Jewusiak's oil paintings are currently on display at the Henegar Center for the Arts in Downtown Melbourne, at the Fredlund Gallery in Winter Park, Florida, recently at a juried show at The Fifth Avenue Art Gallery in Historic Downtown Eau Gallie, and another juried show sponsored by the ArtistsRegistry at the CityArts Factory in Orlando Florida. ...

Artist Publications

Three of the painter's oils were chosen for display at Visions 2007, a juried art show sponsored by the Strawbridge Art League. At that show the painter was awarded the Thomson Award For Oils.

Harry Messersmith, the judge of Visions 2007, wrote of the painter’s work: “The excitement of the experience lay in its incredible detail. Finely drawn architectural elements pop out of the picture plane because they are so well drawn, then meticulously modeled in lighted shadow. Take a very close look. It is a high compliment to the skill of the artist when the work holds together and reveals even more secrets upon close inspection.” Speaking of the painter in Florida Today Messersmith was quoted: "There are times when the detail will carry work into the realm of magic realism because the light and shadow are so crisp that the architectural volumes pop out like they're three-dimensional. That's the magic..."

Artist Collections

Numerous private, corporate, museum, gallery and government collections detailed information coming soon.

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