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GAT5 is an interdisciplinary art collective committed to promoting the Austin art community through the fusion of visual art, design, film, music and theater. Artist, filmmaker and music promoter Charles Ferraro and artist, brother James Ferraro started the collective in 2003. GAT5 has organized a wide range of events and has raised tens of thousands of dollars for the Austin art community and various non-profits including the Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and AIDS Services of Austin. During EAST the GAT5 Studio will host a group art exhibit, video installations, Bands, Djs and complimentary food and beverages provided by Austin based restaurants and businesses.

James Ferraro, GAT5 co-founder, is currently attending Texas State with a focus on illustration and metal sculpture. Ferraro’s illustrative pieces depict introspective views into his interior as an artist. The work features solitary figures with words and phrases while concentrating on stylized realism stemming from life drawing studies. Ferraro’s sculptures are freestanding and relief work that consist of recycled steel and found objects. The pieces have a unique industrial style, which the artist has developed over several years. His current series incorporates recycled industrial forms with organic objects taken from nature. The pieces also feature visceral text, illustrations and stencils.

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