Artist Statement -

The sky and clouds afford the artist a tremendous number of shapes
and colors. Movement can be captured in rhythmical patterns and
forms. Together, these qualities can be inspirational and aesthetically
stimulating when captured on canvas.

The environmental paintings show the landscape affected by intrusions by
man in the form of grafitti, trash, discarded objects, utility poles, etc.
One can say that these are ugly reminders of landscape abuse, or that
the beauty of nature dominates whatever intrudes.

The figure paintings evolved from drawings done along with students
during 30 years of teaching life drawing at the college level.

Artist Exhibitions

Over 100 gallery and museum solo exhibitions and 200 group shows
in the northeast, including New York City. Represented in dozens of collections.
Images 2009, Penn State University, 6/10 -7/12/09 One painting in this juried show: Morning Sky, oil on canvas, 70"x65"...

Artist Publications


Artist Collections

Numerous private, corporate, museum, gallery and government collections detailed information coming soon.

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