Photograph of Artist HUBEL JIM
Palm Springs, California - United States

Original Artworks (1)

Hubel Jim; Tribal V1 The Lone Warrior, 1987, Original Painting Ink,   inches. Artwork description: 241  This tribal warrior was done back in high school in 1987. Ink on paper. Although the warrior looks quite angry and scary the idea for this piece came from a very innocent place. I was watching the rerun of Gilligan's Island that had the tribal warriors ...
Hubel Jim
Original Ink Painting, 1987
inches (0.0 x 0.0 cm)
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Artist Statement

I'm an artist and I can't live any other way. Where ever I end up in life I always seem to fall back on my creative side to get by..... and I always get by! Art comes from my soul as I usually have no idea what I'm drawing until it flows out of my hand as scribbles and scratches. ...

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