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Whether portrayed in the abstract, realism, or somewhere in between, I am most influenced by both the beautiful and unattractive components of contemporary urban culture. Many times, one painting will reflect both components.

My art tends to focus upon interesting juxtapositions of close-up images of human faces. Often, the larger images border upon realism and are caught expressing a panoply of emotions usually directed at the other images that share the canvas. Several of my recent works such as the tongue in cheek entitled "Lenin and Things" contain unlikely combinations of images such as a statue of Lenin which is dwarfed by a billboard size fashion model displaying a vacuous stare.

A number of works contain both large images and interrelated small images. For example in the painting "Staring at Natalie", all the smaller images are a depiction of a collective group of voyeurs staring at a larger image of a posed fashion model. I want those viewing the painting to be the ultimate voyeur. The viewer is not only drawn initially to the larger image in its own right but also cannot help but then notice the relationship of the smaller images to the large image.

Works displayed on my website are representative of the last few years of my work.

Artist Exhibitions

2009 Credits and Exhibitions

Solo Exhibition, "Non-Conformist, The Grey Series" of paintings, Artists Haven Gallery (, December 1, through December 30, 2009,

Artist Profile in "Art is Spectrum" Magazine, The Chelsea Perspective, Vol. 21, May 2009,

Selected for Inclusion in "International Contemporary Masters 2010",

Selected for inclusion in "ArtBuzz 2009, The Book",

Selected for inclusion as Studio Artist 2009,

January 9, 2009, group exhibition Michael Joseph Gallery, Ft. Lauderdale, FL (

February 12, 2009, group exhibition, Infusion Gallery, Los Angeles, CA. (

April 17, 2009, 21st Century Vintage Exhibition, Rising Gallery, Dallas, TX

Painting entitled "Mary's Values" selected for Midland Arts Association 2009 Spring Juried Art Exhibition

Painting entitled "It's Tough Being a Woman" selected for American Juried Salon 8th Biannual Show

Painting entitled "Minimalist Gunfight" selected for juried exhibition, June 2009 - August 2009, "Twisted Spurs", K-Space Contemporary, Corpus Christi, TX

June 2009 - August 2009, group exhibition, Oxide Gallery, Denton, TX (

November 20, 2009 - December 11, 2009, (opening reception December 3, 2009), exhibition Agora Gallery, New York City, NY, (

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