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Lifes full of tales that have yet to be written they say... well this one has yet to be fully painted. Although born in Staten Island in 1991, Justin did not start perfecting his craft until mid 2016 when faced with horrific health issues at the time.

Starting early 2016 down over 30 pounds, eventually put back on with the assistance of steroidal injections, things didnt seem to be going well for Justin at all. According to friends close to the artist, he was surviving on Powerade and Gatorade in the beginning - unable to bring himself to eat anything, he was getting his calorie intake from the drink and staying hydrated as well. He was too weak to even open up the bottles himself. These bottles would go on to serve as partial inspiration for one of Justins first pieces

Although it would not be learned until several months later when he would officially be diagnosed with chronic Lyme Disease, Justin continued experimenting, creating, and producing new pieces of art that would expand boundaries and push his artistic limits as if there were no issues. Painting was the perfect outlet for Justin as he was unable to process audio and visual imagery due to the ongoing issues with his illness.

The most favorite works of art that Justin produces fall under the category of Comical - Contemporary Satirism and Americana Art - a label he invented for the pieces that embody the spirit of the country - also 22 of the Americana Series is donated to the Stephen Siller Foundation, more specifically the sector that works with building smart homes for our veterans upon returning from combat Building for Americas Bravest.

The genre of art that Justin has been experimenting with most lately is a newer one which he calls Comical - Contemporary Satirism. By pairing up different cartoon characters along with newer tidbits from modern-day culture, the artist is really able to create a comical sensation that it’s viewers will fall in love with This genre was on full display at Art Expo NY 2018.

By meshing some ideas from modern culture in an apolitical way, Justin is able to channel a style that is truly his own. Justin, who was named “Staten Islander of the Week” by NY1 in 2017 for the work he has contributed so far, looks to serve as an inspiration to not only the Lyme world, but to the local community as well, working with organizations such as the Heart Society and the Islanders Children’s Foundation.

Remember, when life hands you lemons, take it, but when life hands you Lyme, paint it

Artist Exhibitions

2017 - Murray Bergman Gallery at the Staten Island JCC
2017 - Spotlight Gallery at Wagner College
2018 - Art Expo NYC at Pier 94...

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Numerous private, corporate, museum, gallery and government collections detailed information coming soon.

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