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Jo Allebach

As an artist, I strive to create art that is a unique expression of who I am, and what I know and love. My art is my passion. The challenging aspect of painting is taking a familiar scene and creating my own personal vision of it. I have a sense of awe in everything around me, finding it absolutely enchanting and seek to show it in my work. I feel nature is our greatest teacher
I consider my paintings to be celebrations on canvas. I hope my art will resonate in the observers' memory so that the process of recollection becomes a dialogue with the image. They are a tribute to the beautiful world in which we live. Through my unique works of art, I bring joy to the homes and lives of collectors all over the country.
I create art to bring home the memories of what I saw. Not a picture duplicating what I saw but the memories evoked by what I saw. Over the years I have created a visual memory for the landscape. In my painting I just mentally hiked the scene, creating rocks and trees, hills and sky as I went. It's like creating your own world in a way. The painting is a composite, but it still stays true to the actual landscape.
Whether the painting is a babbling brook, quaking aspens reaching for the heavens, a trail leading through the sun dappled forest or the juiciness of a strawberry I want the person looking at the painting to have a tremendous need to have it with them.
My belief in myself as an artist hinges on my ability to create so I put my creative time and resources ahead of all other obligations.

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