Artist Statement -

My work is inspired by the remains of the Neolithic era of Maltese pre-history. Malta’s Neolithic past is among its most precious heritages.

I focus mainly on the female figure with its obvious manifestation of fertility and on emotions and relationships emerging from this archetype.

I have based my philosophy of art on this figure because it highlights the maternal aspect of our Maltese civilization where the figure of the female principle has been a recurrent leitmotif, not least in the religious sphere.

While my sculpture is rooted in the fertile soil of my country’s prehistory, it tries to transcend this basic heritage by treating universal themes such as love, protection, unity and fecundity arising naturally from its premises.

My subconscious plays a central role in my artistic philosophy. I have been influenced by certain basic themes which recur in my thoughts even my dreams and which inspire my oeuvre.

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