Artist Statement -

Through my photography, I tell stories and orchestrate synaesthetic dream worlds, in which light, scent and fabrics become perceptible and tangible.

Since the beginning of my career until today I continuously worked on my true passion – the sensuality of flowers and still-life, specializing on the composition of light and arrangement, creating a personal image language.

I was always interested in the second dimension of known objects which can inspire one’s imagination and to create a new communication tool.

I love to tell stories via sequences to create a movement of an individual image language and to inspire spectators and their phantasy. This is always a timeless process with relation to life.

Artist Exhibitions

1980 Homage à Norman Rockwell, Hamburg, Germany
1985 Exhibition on the unique glass factory VENINI Venice - Murano, Italy
1986 Exhibition the Rayogramm Experiment, Hamburg, Germany
2004 Exhibition geh zurück und beginne von vorne ge back and start again, inspired by René Magritte, Hamburg, Germany
2006 Exhibition Blinddate, Hamburg, Germany
2011 Exhibition “Lord of the flies” for WWF Germany at the Junig-Unique gallery in Cologne, Germany
2016 Exhibition “la seduction sensuell d’une fleur” the sensual seduction of a flower at the Junig-Unique Gallery in Cologne, Germany.
2018 Exhibition of floral photography, HASPA Reeperbahn, Hamburg, Germany
A selection of my work in the area fashion beauty is part of the photographic archive at the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe museum for arts and crafts and the FC-Gundlach Haus der Fotografie in Hamburg house of photography in Hamburg, Germany

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