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‘Singers of Songs & Makers of Musics’ his series of unique pen & ink drawings portraying the many faces, sometimes through the changing years, of various musicians & singers who have influenced & inspired so many…...
...the majority of these drawings are done using a 'stippling' or 'pointillism' technique; thousands of ink dots creating a sense of depth and realism. Many also incorporate the words of songs providing the depth and tone of the portrait in a highly original manner. Using commercially available drawing pens, this method,whilst infinitely rewarding, requires extreme patience and discipline!

A recent venture into the use of acrylics to create larger media related works has proven to be immensely popular & John's take on the popularity of so-called 'pop art' or 'icon art' is to add enough detail, depth & quality of feeling to effect a move away from mass produced images, creating something truly original! It is this area of painting which currently constitutes the bulk of his work, at times defining shape in monotone, to produce an image that is instantly recognisable, primarily in portraits, is an immense challenge, but has proved popular with everyone who views the results.

Artist Exhibitions

Next exhibition to be held at the LIVERPOOL ACADEMY OF ARTS, Seel Street, Liverpool from November 4th, 2008. This will comprise of paintings and drawings of the Beatles, their influences, contemporaries and others....

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Numerous private, corporate, museum, gallery and government collections detailed information coming soon.

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