Artist Statement -

Born in the South West of the United Kingdom.
John Fuller has spent most of his working life in Architecture and Design.
His initial introduction to painting was in colour rendering to Architectural drawings.
This he progressed to monochrome landscape scenes, as a hobby, again based very much on the Architectural field.

His interest in watercolours came many years later when in his fifties he attended a specialist course in loose big brush work.
During this short course he found that he readily adapted to this style and has not looked back since.
His personal style has changed over the years, but his love is for big dramatic skies.
A part of his paintings he is always trying to enhance and experiment with.

Johns work is predominatly impressionist landscape in a very loose style.
He has been influenced by the work and style of Ed Wesson, Edward Seago Rowland Hilder and Ron Ranson. Painters of vast repute and experience that John admires.

John teaches privatly to individual pupils, but freely admits that his work and experience is mainly self taught.
He encourages pupils to paint loosely, leaving behind the detail style of 'pretty chocolate box' watercolour painting.

His aim is to encourage as many people as possible to try and take up the interesting subject of Loose Landscape in Watercolours.

John Fuller

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