Artist Statement -

Artist Statement

This body of work comes from a community of ideas.
My art evoke a dialogue, a message as a language I speak, to create peace in a cosmic dialogue.
It speaks in the future tense in a context of time that evoke a feeling of ‘time passes’... The emotional and psychological content of my subject, the way the body expresses its emotion, it contextualizes the concepts of the duality of the meaning of the imagery. My style is an expression of my philosophy which becomes a language using, Post Modern, Expressionism, Latin American Tradition, Surrealism, and soft Classism. It expresses my deep awareness of global issues and is counterbalanced with my cultural heritage.
My inspiration originates from lifenature, it’s too spiritual to express. However, it is the same expressive energy as the work transfused between energies which awaken the realms of these energies and evoked them in dialogue… . I use a certain iconography, which becomes a language. My art has helped me to see that nothing on earth is solitary, all things are interlinked.

The unique expression in my art, is an attitudelanguage of my style but is easily understood in it’s emotion.
My art Carries powerful messages about the maker.
In compositions, even though the figures kisses and harmoniously balanced and interlocks with another, all actions are synchronized conceptually. Each figure is psychologically isolated from the other in hisher own realm and from the viewer, in a mood of introspection and contemplation prevails, in his or her own intimate dialogue.
The truth of life is revealed in nature as an art maker, i am guided by nature, from which I have formed my art man is ‘nature’ as he was created from ‘nature’. I am more concern about man’s psychological and spiritual well-being, than his physical needs. I have gradually become aware that my own development as an artist influenced by two energies ”God” and ‘nature’ this spirit permeates the pores of my concepts.
I cannot describe my process of making art as soon as I start to explain what I am doing, it’s a lie it demystify the mystery of the organic truth. My work explores the hidden regions of the psyche. Inspiration comes from an awakening reality, in which the visible world and the interior reality interpenetrate and fused.
The accent placed on the power of the imagination, the child like innocence. Imagination alone informs me of what could be, pushing the irrational to its ultimate consequence.
What I imagined and believe becomes a reality in my art.
My art defines itself.
An attitude in the thinking of my work is, reductionism, where i reduce images to symbols, hence the symbolistic expression, which preoccupied and resonates my work, which become my style of expression. Time didn’t exist until it’s time, so as my paintings didn’t exist until it’s time, who brought it to time.

Understanding of my art, involves two person’s imagination, the spectator and the artist. To get into my art, to see what it is really about, you need to know what to look for and be prepared to use your imagination.
Getting involved in this way, makes a voyage of discoveries in reading the intellectual and emotional content of my art the use of symbols etc, the appeal to the senses of colour the display of emotion through colour, the expression of social and cultural attitudes. My art should enlightens the mind and spark the imagination and if it does, it has become my voice.
The figures, each figure must read the exact emotions that relate them to the given event.
I do not marry to the content of my art, only to the spirit of the content.
I create a language that evoke the situation or image that speaks in the future tense. I believe that art is a spiritual calling and it should engage in the spiritual realm because it reveals that which lives within.
My art is not merely, a vehicle for religious and social teachings but an expression that reflects aspects of time and the compression of the space and the mood of sadness that permeates it which conveys a psychological tension. The process of my work is a dialogue, which changes as time passes and this dialogue is the principle that governs the process of my work. I take inspiration from my intimate dialogue.

Artist Exhibitions


2016 General International Environment Art Exhibition, Theme: The environment,nature,human beings by Themes Museum South Korea,Sponsored by the department of environment,geoje

Toronto Canada,Gallery 50,2015
Toronto Canada,Gallery 50,2014

Art Takes Time Square billboard New York 2014

Nov 1/2013-Jan 30-2014 group exhibition-gulf complex Cocoa USA
July 11th-24,2013 Exhibition Space 26-19 Jackson Ave.LIC NYC-Long Island City Queens NEW YORK

June 10/2013 Art Takes Time Square,Broadway New York

June 18,-July 1,2012 Art Takes Time Square,Broadway Premiere event exhibition, NEW YORK (NYC)
May 18/2012-The Nyiracsad ThanMor Art Museum-(Hungary Europe)
Asylum Gallery 25th & R Sts.midtown Sacramento-California-June7th-2008
Climate Change-The Impact,Feb 20-March 1-2008,ACA Gallery-183 Queen Street East,(at Jarvis)Toronto,Ontario M5AlS2 Canada
"Climate Change-The Impact"
International Digital Art Exhibition-24th August-13th
Sept 2007
22 artists-10 countries
at Lost Dog-1150 Main Avenue -Durango-Colarado USA.
2007-April 1st global "Climate Change" touring exhibition in Wuppertal/ Germany,
2006-Exhibition 3rd-30th June 2006-Galerie Kalina,"Regen/Germany"
2006-Exhibition 10th March,at Gallery, "Dwor Zieleniewskich"in

2005-Exhibition on "December 9th,MOKSIR,CHELMEK(POLAND),

Bird2005 International Art Award Commonwealth Exhibition,
Gufang Gallery (Beijing China),(PHYSICAL)

2005-Art Auction at the (COPACABANA)"NOV 5",New York

2002-05 Featured on,"HOMEPAGE"
2004-Saturn exhibition,(worldwide Online show):To honor Saturn,to
support the link between science and art
2004-Cologne Cyber Dome,exhibition (Worldwide Online exhibition)
2004-Celebrating Venus Transit,(worldwide Online exhibition)
2004-At the,"Saint-Auvent castle" (France,PHYSICAL)
2004-05 Auction & a touring exhibition in fifty(<50)Cities,
Gallery "NordHof"(Germany,PHYSICAL)"
2002-04,Online Gallery,Europe

2005-Devon House (Tsunami Project/Donation)
2000-Tryall gulf club,Jamaica
2001 Artist of the Year,Mutual Gallery,Jamaica
1997-03 Sun Art Gallery,Half moon Hotel,Jamaica
1990-96,1998,2000 National Gallery of Jamaica
1997-2000 Gallery Pegasus,Jamaica

1994-2000,01,03 Mandeville Annual Arts Exhibition,Jamaica
1999-Mid Generation,Mutual Gallery,Jamaica
1991-92,1994-98 Young Generation,Mutual Gallery Jamaica
1996 M.K. Gallery, Spectrum Gallery,Red-Cross,Jamaica Pegasus

1995 Mico College,Jamaica,Heart Foundation of Jamaica
1993-94 Young Talent,Jamaica
1993 Rotary Art Auction,Jamaica
1991-92 United Foundation of Jamaica
1991 Chelsea Galleries,Jamaica
1990 Edna Manley College Jamaica


Artist Publications

music by Randy Thurman
Climate Change - the impact
ongoing on- and offline project as traveling show at places around the globe

Started by Webist RAINER GRASSMUCK, Wuppertal/Germany in early 2007 as online project now being continued by active Webists worldwide under their respective responsibility
as real life global traveling show (each Webist is responsible for her/his branch of the project)
overall coordination by Webism Group co-founder Ingrid Kamerbeek.

Real life exhibition show locations and opportunities around the globe as they come in:
June 2007 - Show initiator: Parys St. Martin, show location: "The Lost Dog", Durango, CO, USA
August 2007: ACA gallery owner Carol Mark offers to host the show - show poster
at her Toronto/Canada gallery: on show since January 20th till March 1st, 2008 - official opening on February 20th
September 2007: Kenneth-Edward Swinscoe got published in German press and prepares map for sponsor
November 2007: Kenneth-Edward Swinscoe told he got exhibition space at Ministry of Environment, Mainz/Germany
May 2008: Rainer Grassmuck told he got climate change show into "Galerie Tanke", Halver, Germany

October 2008: Ingrid Kamerbeek got in touch with Martin Sambale, managing director of eza! energie- & umweltzentrum allgäu, Kempten, Germany. On November 27th the climate change show European branch (click here for show poster) will take off at the historic KORNHAUS Kempten in the framework of eza's 10th anniversary. Click here for details.
P r e s s r e l e a s e
An article about the show was posted at the world's largest online art platform
A big THANK YOU goes to active Webist JOHN POWELL!!!

Impression from the eza! 10th anniversary celebration on November 27th, 2008 - initiative und kreative Lösungen zu Klimawandel, Umwelt und Gesellschaft! - initiative and creative solutions dealing with climate change, environment and society!

Get your own - Open publication
European Commission on climate change

IPCC website

photo credit IPCC

Young people from around the globe report their thoughts on climate change
P R E S S R E P O R T S worldwide
online report at

George Harrison on climate change and souls - click on image

We Are Earth Group at You Tube

BBC on climate change

CNN on climate change

Climate change theme in detail especially thinking of the impact in the Tyne region of the UK...
Klicken Sie hier, um zur deutschen Version zu gelangen

The latest news regarding climate change splits up humanity to three points of view:

- I knew it all the time
- Thus it's true, how awful
- Nothing but making a fuzz, don't wanna know anything about it
In fact climate change is happening already since decades speeding up whilst we are watching. It also cannot be stopped in foreseeable time. All statements in respect to the future of our climate, influences on our lives are based upon facts which will be turned over tomorrow. How do we Webists look at the consequences due to climate change?

This project starts as online project but will become a real life show if sponsors are found. Look for sponsors in your area too to make this a real life show also in your region. Submissions will be printed, framed and exhibited with the help of sponsors, first in Germany then in other countries too. Therefore it is necessary to submit works in printable quality. To win sponsors for this exhibition an appropriate website will be set up starting April 1, 2007. This international project will only be feasible if at least 20 Webists are willing to get involved.
This is a juried show. Topic fitting images only please.

Attention: Participants are asked to put a link to the project page to their website.

Change of climate - the impact
3000 x 4200 pixel, 300 dpi
1500 x 2100 pixel, 300 dpi
Report at

Deadline online show March 31, 2007 (now extended without deadline)
- send to

Entries can be seen at starting April 1st, 2007
Participating artists of real life climate change shows
(online participants to be found at Rainer Grassmuck's site)

***Mon, 24 Apr 2006 00:03:34 +0200 (CEST)

Loved your atrwork!

Hello there John.
Having just seen your wonderful artwork I had to tell you how happy I am.You are a truly talented artist and your work is a true source of inspiration!I am an artist from Malta and am always very interested in seeing what is going on with other artists on their sites and I must say that on a friends recommendation I am so happy to have seen your work and be touched by what you do so my respect and warm congratulations.
You seem to have a good soul and put so much of yourself into your work.I admire your good sense of colour and the mixed hues which delight the senses and the excellent touch of imagination , which flows throughout all you do,is stunning!Well done.
If ever you get time I would humbly invite you to see my work at my site which is HYPERLINK ""; "_blank" and if there is anything you like maybe you would even be kind enough to share your thoughts by clicking on the painting and writing a comment in the space bottom left?
Sending you my very best wishes for the weekend I hope my lines find you in full creative swing and I look forward to hearing from you.
Respect and positive vibes.Marco

Marco Brown &<8232;&<8232;0035621331180 &<8232;0035699862485 &<8232;&<8232; HYPERLINK ""; "_blank"
"Two steps from the deep blue&<8232;And a view to the far horizon&<8232;Two breaths&<8232;And pure thought&<8232;Will sow a feeling&<8232;Of great hope"
Miri Elyahu

*John Powell appeared in the (Regen/Germany),newspaper/press,date&name
of paper:Baerwald Bote Donnerstag 8.Juni 2006.Captioned:Webism-Kunst
aus Sieben Landern auf der Leine.

*John Powell's painting,selected & featured on WorldWide Arts Resources Corp.( 7-6-2006,as an example piece to feature/represent a major group exhibition at Galerie Kalina in Germany on June:3-30-2006
*Exhibition 3rd-30th June 2006,at Galerie Kalina,Regen/Bavaria/Germany (PHYSICAL),SEE GALLERY/LINKS: (OR)

*John Powell picture was featured in newspaper/press,May 11/5/2006 in Chisinau,Moldova/Russia.Under the (CAPTION: ART PEOPLE).
Name of newspaper:"Rabota i Obrazovanie"

* 2006 Exhibition 10th March,Gallery, "Dwor Zieleniewskich" ,in Trzebinia(Trzebinia,ul.j.Pisudskiego 47a).(CHELMEK POLAND)(PHYSICAL)

*Bird2005 International Art Award Commonwealth Exhibition,Gufang Gallery,(Beijing China),(PHYSICAL)
*2005-Exhibition on"December" 9th,(MOKSIR,POLAND CHELMEK),Gellery "EPICENTRUM",(PHYSICAL)
*2005-Art Auction at the "Copacabana Nov 5".New York

subject:Contemporary artists in the world and the Caribbean/Jamaica:

Nyack College Manhattan N.Y., by Student:Denice

* San Antonio College Texas, by student: Maria Vasquea

* University of Wisconsin Oshkosh,by student: Beth

* Edna Manley College of the Visual & Performing Arts,(EMCVPA),Jamaica,by a student of the (School of Visual Arts).

* Northern Caribbean University,(N.C.U.),student,Jamaica

* Mr John Powell,was invited to donate one of his Paintings,as a part
of the "TSUNAMI" project.The entire proceeds from the Painting went to this project.

* mr John Powell, was invited to exhibit in the openning of a Caribbean Art Gallery in Albuquerque New Mexico
by Glen Heywood

* Mr John Powell,was inducted in the National Registry's Who's Who in Executives and Professionals 2003-2004.
B to B Publishing.
Registered at the Library of Congress in Washington,D.C.

* Mr John Powell,was invited to exhibit in the 3rd International Art Festival " CHANIA 2005",In June at the NEORIA,CRETE,GREECE.

It will be the largest art exhibition ever held in Chania and one of the largest ever held in Greece.

* Mr John Powell,have been nominated by The Internal Committee to participate in the Fifth Annual International Biennal of Contemporary Art which will take place from the 3rd to the 11th of December,2005, in the exhibition space of the historic Fortezza da Basso in Florence,Italy.
11 Presidente della Biennale
Prof. Pasquale Celona

* John Powell,is in the list of the artists selected for the "Biennale Internazionale dell' Arte Contemporanea",the fourth edition which will be held in Florence on 6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14 December 2003.

President of the Biennale
Prof. Pasquale Celona

* Received mention in newspapers,Magazines and books in Jamaica and abroad including:


*Nomination for the United Cultural Convention's"INTERNATIONAL PEACE
PRIZE", by UCC,American Biographical Institute Inc,(ABI)publications

Honorable Award-Bird2005 International Art
Award,Commonwealth Competition,by Beijing National Cultural Center
(Beijing China)
*2005-Certificate of Collection,for artwork Spirit of "Piece"by Artist
John Powell was collected into the Beijing National Culture Center


*World Premier Edition 2006 of the International Directory of Experts
and Expertise,"by American Biographical Institute,Inc",ABI.

*Madison Whos Who 2005-2006

*Die Google-Gesellschaft
Wissen im 21.Jahrhundert
by Kai Lehmann,Michael Schetsche

* Who's who in the world Classic-15th,16th,17th,18th,19th,20th, 21st, 22nd & 23rd Editions,Published by Marquis who's who Publication Board,1998-2006

* Dictionary of International Biography,27th,28th & 29th Editions,Published by International Biographical Centre Cambridge,England IBC,1998,1999,2001-2002

* Outstanding People of the 20th Century 1st & 2nd Editions by IBC

* 2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 20th Century by
International Biographical Centre, Cambridge England IBC, 21st Century Award for Achievement, 2002

* 2000 Outstanding Scholars of the 20th Century by International Biographical Centre Cambridge,England IBC.

* One Thousand Great Intellectuals
* 2000/2001 Nomination as International Man of the Year

* The Millennium Edition of Who's Who in the World

* Consultant Contemporary Who's Who American Biograhical Institute,Consultant editor American Biographical Institute

* Inducted in the book, with this prestigious title:"Living Legends"
by International Biographical Centre Cambridge,England (IBC)


* The Jamaican- A Rayne Publication Volume 111-1989.

* Who's Who & What's What in Jamaican Art & Entertainment 1996

* Artist in Residence,Bracoe Village Resort,Jamaica,1997

* MEMBERSHIPS:Webism Group of WorldWide Artists,ISA-International Society of Artists,National Gallery of Jamaica,Metro.Museum of Art,
Contemporary Who's Who,board member,(American Biographical Institute)

* 2003-2004 Golden Web Award,winner

* John Powell paintings, for auction & exhibition in Germany,at Gallery "NordHof".And is among a selected group of invited artists world wide to show in a traveling show/exhibition through approximately,50 German Cities in 2004-2005.Thus his participation guarantees german wide publicity.


Artist Collections

* Nyiracsad ThanMor Art Museum-Hungary Europe
Bank of Jamaica(BOJ)co-operate collection,
In the National Collection of the State of (CHELMEK POLAND)
Beijing National Culture Center,(Beijing China)
Bank of nova scotia,(Jamaica)
Citizens Bank,(Jamaica)
French Embassy,(Jamaica)
Derick Latibeaudiere,Governor,Bank of Jamaica,(BOJ)
ICWI Group,(Jamaica)
Sir Howard Cooke,Governor General of (Jamaica)
Sir Florizel Glasspole,Former Governor General of (Jamaica)Dr. Beryl Allen,(Lecturer UWI,(Jamaica),Dr.Olive Luwin (Jamaica),Professor.Daniel Switalski (USA),Dr.Karl Runcie,(USA),Malcolm Uglow,(Canada),Donna Scott Montley (Lawyer),Hope Brooks, Artist and dean,Edna Manley College(EMCVPA),Rev.Carmen Stewart,Custos Kingston/St.Andrew,Michele Naylor (Lawyer),Mr & Mrs Dr. John Malcolm,Mr.Wesley Vanriel (Economist),Mr.Vivian Crawford (Banker),Mr. Ron Burgess (Businessman),Mr.Roy Golding (Banker),Pat Kentist (Artist,lecturer Edna Manley College (EMCVPA),Dr.Robinson M.D.(Jamaica),Mrs,Barbora Peart,Branch Manager (C&W)Jamaica,Bracoe Village Resort (Hotel,(Jamaica),Deborah Vamdamme (Canada),Mr.S. Richard (canada),Janice Elliott,Salesmanager,Euro Star Motors Limited,Jamaica,Drs.Wade & Velmoure Morgan,(Jamaica),Mr. & Mrs.Jupont,(Belgium),Mr Jerry Bartlett,USA,(to name a few)
*(Local and International, Private and Corporate Collections)

Artist Favorites

Eric  Buechel, , , Original Painting Oil, size_width{Neo_Lisa-1491827365.jpg} X
Original Oil Painting, 2015
32 x 48 x 2 inches (61.0 x 45.7)
John Obrien, , , Original Ceramics Wheel, size_width{iris_at_sunset-1493149447.jpg} X
Original Wheel Ceramics, 2017
15 x 20.5 inches (61.0 x 45.7)
Jerry Cox, , , Original Sculpture Wood, size_width{the_dial-1492262463.jpg} X
Original Wood Sculpture, 2012
19 x 4 x 26 inches (61.0 x 45.7)
Paul Armesto, , , Original Painting Oil, size_width{Agape-1561693921.jpg} X
Original Oil Painting, 2017
68 x 56 x 1.5 inches (61.0 x 45.7)

Personal Favorites