Artist Statement -

Painting for me is passion, a fascinating process of seeing that alters the vision of things. The everyday becomes special, unique, unknown. What is seen, is never what is painted, yet the painting becomes a new reality.

I don’t invent abstract images but the act of accumulating material on the canvas creates form and color – being materialistic in order to transform matter into imagination and perception.

In the process of painting I find new images, something appears, stimulates vision, projects lost or remembered entities, becomes alive and finally communicates.

Artist Exhibitions

1984 Gallery Steinegger Rüdlingen
1985 Gallery Landolt Zollikon
Museum Leimbach Zürich
Studio Malpensata Lugano
1986 Zugerland Forum Steinhausen
1987 Gallery Hochhus Küsnacht
Atelier Worb Bern
Gallery am Höheweg Interlaken
Gallery Rotapfel Zürich
Gallery C Bassersdorf
1988 Gallery Haus zum Engel Altendorf
1990 Gallery Poltera Lugano
1992 Gallery zur Hofstatt Frick
Gallery Meier Arth a/See
1994 Chesa Pool Sils Maria
Forum UBS Lugano
Arte BA 94 – Diana Traficante Buenos Aires
1995 Gallery Hôtel de Ville Turckheim F
1997 Gallery Meier Arth a/See
1998 Museum Leimbach Zürich
2000 Gallery zur Hofstatt Frick
2002 Gallery Visarte Locarno
Gallery Meier Arth a/See

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