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Currently I draw and paint as a hobby and not as an income, as I work full time, and have other activities that occupy much of my time. My last formal training in art was in sometime in high school 1982-1985, so this is all just raw natural talent.
I've finally tried my hand at painting and have found a natural talent for it. I've gotten awesome results from watercolors, but I find the challenges of acrylics more rewarding.
I have since broken into oils. I love oils, but they take wa-a-ay to long to dry, so I've found some gels to add to acrylics that make them behave similar to oil, and I've messed around with them.
Recently I have added woodcarving to my art explorations, and have gotten ahold of several routed cabinet doors that make pre-framed background my carvings that I then paint.
Feel free to drop me a line about my works. I'm curious as to what other people think, and whether I should try my hand more professionally.
Unfortunately as a non-professional I am unwilling to front the money to show more than four of my works on this site, when for a fraction of the asked price I could host my own website and post them all. So you'll only have a small selection to comment on.

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