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Elk Grove, California - United States

Personal Photo of Kanika Marshall, Artist 130 x 158

Member since:August 2001
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Artist Statement:
Kanika Marshall has created a distinctive collection of mixed-media art sculptures, which includes hand-painted tile mosaics and other two-dimensional wall pieces, three-dimensional sculptures, masks, garden art, wearable art, figurines, goddesses, breast cancer survivor art, and tribal-design pottery. She sculpts some pieces by hand from clay, paints them with a color glaze to form the varying hues of skin tones and other colors, and then low fires them in a kiln ...
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Artist Exhibitions:
2012 Gay and Lesbian Center,
Sacramento, CA
2012 Oakwilde Sculpture
Garden Show
2012 Blue Moon Gallery,
Sacramento, CA
2012 The Brickhouse Gallery,
Sacramento, CA
2012 ...
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Artist Representation:
Blue Moon Gallery, Sacramento,

The Flower Collage at
Brickhouse Gallery,
Sacramento, CA

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Artist Collections:
Oregon Youth Authority,
Portland, Oregon, USA: "Shaka,
Zulu Warrior" was purchased in
2002 for their cultural

City of Elk Grove, Elk Grove,
CA, USA: "...
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Artist Reviews:
From the Sacramento News and
Review Magazine in 2006:

From the 2004 Spotlight
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Artist Extras:

Kanika Marshall Artist Biography
Gender Female
Status not provided
Children Not Provided
Religion not provided
Education Graduate Degree
Hobbies / Interests Creating mixed media artwork, hiking, kayaking, gardening, yoga, and eating chocolate
Favorite Artistic Medium Ceramics Handbuilt
Favorite Arthistory Movement Naive Art - ( - )
Favorite Visual Artist not provided
Favorite Work of Art not provided
Biggest Artistic Inspiration Even before the story "ROOTS," Kanika began an internal search for her African identity in the early 1970s. Originally dabbling in pen and ink drawings of African American subjects as a teenager, she branched into pottery and ceramic African masks in the 1980s, studying with well-known California potter, Ruth Rippon. In the 1990s, she studied with renowned sculptor, Yoshio Taylor, and began using beautifully-colored, authentic West-African fabric, leather, hair, and beadwork on the hand-sculpted, ceramic figurines.
Why Did You Become An Artist As a shy, introverted child, my mother gave me a set of felt pens. Along with pencil and ink, those felt pens took me to worlds undiscovered. A child of the 1960s, there was great civil unrest and self-discovery so my early artworks dealt with the bright colors of the Flower Power era mixed with the pathos of being Black in America. Art became my voice. A way of describing my conflicting feelings. My art evolves constantly, presenting my general optimism through vivid colors and stylistic presentations of figurative work, combined with an environmental flavor.
Your Personal Biography Kanika has been interviewed on the 'San Francisco Live!' entertainment television show and on television shows in Sacramento, California, as part of Crocker Art Museum's holiday art shows. Her award-winning sculptures have also been featured in the nationally recognized Sacramento Observer and Sacramento Bee newspapers.

Kanika African Sculptures are sold at various stores, galleries, and businesses in northern California, and on the Internet. Kanika has been judged Best of Show in Valley Sculpture Artists (VSA) 2004 'Off the Wall' show, Best of Show in VSA's 2000 'No Way to Frame It' show, First Place in the 2000 Northern California Artists (NCA) 'Inner Views' show, First Place in the 1995 California Arts League 'Magic in May' show, Second Place in the 2001 Art on the River show, Award of Excellence in the 2006 California State Fair, Award of Merit in the 2002, 2003, and 2004, 2005, and 2007 California State Fair, Award of Merit in the International Magnum Opus XIV, and Honorable Mention in NCA's 2003 'Bold Expressions' show. The City of Elk Grove has purchased Kanika's 'Leather Locks and Five Ancestors' and 'Sea Jellies and River Rock' sculptures for public display in the City Administration building. She was also commissioned by developer New Faze Development to produce a collaborative sculpture with two other artists, and individual mosaic sculptures, for their building in Sacramento, California.

Kanika enjoys meeting with art lovers in gallery exhibits, stores, and art shows. She delights in the joy her sculptures bring to all ethnic and age groups and enjoys watching customers choose the perfect sculpture for themselves or gifts for friends and loved ones. People often give her ideas for expanding the Collection, such as breast cancer survivor art, mini-mask pendants, lapel pins, angels, Earth Mother goddesses, vases, wall art, and wall sconces.

'I hope the positive spirit of my sculptures enriches the lives of my customers. Please enjoy your visit to our online gallery at'

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