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The Corporate Lease Program, initiated in 1994, leases one of a kind fine art and limited addition fine art prints to the Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia community on a monthly basis. Businesses may choose from a variety of works or have custom art created for them.

The works vary from realism to abstraction, reflecting in its variety of techniques and styles the evolution in fine art.

Leasing has many benefits. While businesses obtain quality art at a fraction of the cost of purchasing their own, the lease fees are used to purchase supplies each year, helping the struggling artist community stay creative.

In addition, by placing art in the community, businesses help our collection serve as an outreach program to educate and familiarize the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia community with America’s leading contemporary artists and the Where Art Thou family.

The lease fees of the matted and framed prints range from $25 to $500 per month including insurance, delivery and installation in the company’s office. After the 23-month leasing period, the works are collected and returned to the Where Art Thou gallery where the entire collection is again made available for lease to businesses for the next two years. Prints may be leased on a pro-rated basis any time during the year with a three-month minimum.

Artworks enrich your working environment. Not only do they contribute to making your premises an attractive and stimulating place to be, artworks can operate to reflect your company’s philosophy and communicate your company’s unique identity to both staff and clients.

Where Art Thou employs Art Consultants to provide expert advice on building a corporate collection through leasing or purchasing superior artworks. We present the works of artists that we feel best suit your company and it’s premises and assist you to select works then co-ordinate the lease or purchase of works on your behalf and co-ordinate their installation. We produce an electronic catalog for your company’s use and assist you to get the most out of your collection within your company as well as your industry and the community.

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