Artist Statement -

Welcome to my colorful world of art
Greetings from Greece, where the sun is always shining and the world that surrounds me is always an inspiration for my art
My name is Irini Karpikioti. I am a professional artist.
I have 10+ years experience of shipping artworks worldwide.

Since my early devotion to painting, my primary motivation has been nature and the world around me. With a concentration on contemporary abstract art, each piece I compose is a mirror to my soul.
The colors and styling of my pieces evoke that sense of joy, amazement and wonderment that I feel every day.Color is my true passion. Always on the quest to discover exciting colors and compelling combinations, I am continually excited by new hues that are in the world around us. My painting techniques match extraordinary colors in provocative and exciting ways, lending a brave element to the design. No design is ever the same, as my art continues to evolve and change.
Through my art I can express what I experience --- I find a deeper understanding of this vast universe and my own flickering place within it.
My paintings are an expression of joy, life, grace, gratitude, giving, love of God, Mother Earth, nature, humanity and kindness, as best my soul can conjure up.
If the painting inspires you, or sets a particular mood, or makes you feel free and playful, then I have accomplished my job
I hope you ll enjoy my artworks as much as i enjoyed create them.

Artist Exhibitions

Group exhibition of paintings From 1998 to - 2015

Abstract painting - 2013
solo exhibition
National Art Gallery VOULEFTIKO - Department of Nafplio First Parliament of Greeks

Mykonos - 2012
solo exhibition
IMAR Gallery, Mykonos, Cyclades Greece

solo exhibition
The Beauty of Islands - 2011
Art Gallery Trianon in Nafplio Greece

Flowers - 2009
solo exhibition
Art Hall of the Greek-French Association, Athens Greece

Flowers - 2008
solo exhibition
Cultural Center Benetatos of Old Psychiko, Athens Greece

Olive Trees - 2007
solo exhibition
Cultural Center of Cholargou, Athens Greece

Seascapes of Greece - 2006
solo exhibition
Cultural Center of Neo Psychiko, Athens Greece

Apart from the nature - 2003
solo exhibition
Cultural Centre of Patras Greece

Greek landscapes - 2001
solo exhibition
Cultural Center of Old Falirou, Athens Greece...

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Artist Favorites

Dmitriy Ermolov, , , Original Painting Oil, size_width{pions-1495628330.jpg} X
Original Oil Painting, 2017
70 x 70 x 3 cm (23.6 x 27.6)

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