Artist Statement -

I started to draw in infancy when I learned to crawl. I used the materials on hand, from jam to grass to flowers smeared together trying to replicate my visions on walls, paper and anything else I could reach. Once, my father lost sight of me and I turned our newly-painted house into a giant mural with my childhood fantasies. Fortunately, my parents were pretty wise people, and instead of punishment – or perhaps as a punishment – they sent me off to art school.

At the art school, I was an obstinate student and always had conflicts with teachers arguing about color usage. It was Soviet Russia, and everybody had to be the same. I was usually inclined to use vivid colors instead of natural gradations trying to cultivate my own style.

After the USSR fell, I had more freedom in creative expression. I scooped inspiration from mythology and cultures of different nations, producing a series of works with divinities and tales.

Currently, I live and work in the USA. My artwork varies from realism to mystical surrealism. I use different media but oil-painting is still my favorite.

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