Westland, Michigan - United States

Original Artworks (2)

Kelly Darke; Memory Fading , 2008, Original Painting Oil, 24 x 36 inches.
Kelly Darke
Original Oil Painting, 2008
24 x 36 inches (61.0 x 91.4 cm)
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Kelly Darke; Distance, 2006, Original Painting Oil, 36 x 24 inches.
Kelly Darke
Original Oil Painting, 2006
36 x 24 inches (91.4 x 61.0 cm)
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Artist Statement

I have two passions when it comes to my art; metalwork and painting. I find that with each I am able to express my feelings and thoughts through whichever avenue suits my creative senses at the time.

My metalwork focuses primarily on textile techniques, such as crocheting and weaving with fine wire of silver, copper and gold. I often intertwine beads with the wire to add another dimension to my jewelry. The beads add more color and texture to the finished piece which allows for more expression and tactile range. I am constantly experimenting with as many different combinations of styles and techniques that I can imagine, trying to expand on my previous works to create something new and dramatic. I find it intriguing to use materials in unexpected ways, to produce unique and exciting jewelry.

I am continually inspired by the fashion industry with all of the colors, textures, and the combinations of elements being explored. My mind is continuously racing with new ideas and techniques to try which is leading me towards wearable art.

My paintings donít always contain subject matter in the figurative sense; usually the subject is ideas or feelings created by colors, shapes, line, and composition. The materials I use most often are oil paint, oil pastel, and charcoal on canvas, canvas paper, or board. When working on an abstract painting, I normally start a new project by applying paint and lines to my canvas and then let my intuition guide me, instead of trying to follow a plan or sketch. For my flower paintings I use my own photographs and drawings as a guide. I find the process of painting is just as important for me as the finished piece; it is both physically and emotionally gratifying. Looking back on my finished pieces completed in succession, I find similar themes running throughout the works, similar mark making, shapes, colors and composition styles. I find the most moving work I do is when I follow what I feel rather than what I think.

I am often inspired by other artists and their work, specifically Joan Miro, Helen Frankenthaler, Alberto Giacometti, and Franz Kline. Influences from graphic design, fashion design, photography, and literature also find their way into my work. I constantly search through books, magazines, and the Internet for inspiration, although most often my own past work is a great catapult for new ideas and directions....

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