Sioux Falls, South Dakota - United States

Original Artworks (2)

Kimberly Clark; Sea, 2004, Original Jewelry, 1 x 2 inches. Artwork description: 241 created with pmc. . . using my hands and small tools. . . first the bale was created with the look for fish scales. . . ie. . . the name Sea. . . . then strands of pure . 999 fine silver were extruded. . . . the work was then placed in a kiln at 1750 for 30 minutes. It ...
Kimberly Clark
Original Jewelry, 2004
1 x 2 inches (2.5 x 5.1 cm)
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Kimberly Clark; Arizona Dreams, 2003, Original Jewelry, 3 x 4 cm. Artwork description: 241 Are you longing to return to the beautiful desert country of Arizona. . . . flowering cactus. . . majestic mountains turning the landscape all shade of purple and lavender at sunset. This . 999 fine SOLID SILVER pendant is adorned with a Large turquoise nugget and placed upon a 18
Kimberly Clark
Original Jewelry, 2003
3 x 4 cm (1.2 x 1.6 inches)
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Artist Statement

I have designed jewelry for the last 8 years...starting with elaborate beadwork, moving on to hammering in silver and gold, then incorporating dichroic glass...and now found a love for PMC...solid silver

PMC (for a description please check my website at

.999 fine silver....encrusted with freshwater pearls, turquoise, lapis, sapphires and rubies.

Each piece is made one at a time by hand and fashioned to flow
from the neck...unique...almost ancient looking.

I try to create a "Sculpture" to adorn the wearer...

I work from studios in South Dakota and Tucson,Arizona... but also take my work with me whereever I travel. I am constantly inspired by the Swiss Alps...the beauty of Luxemburg...the countryside of Germany...I adore travelling and try to "get away" as much as possible to "feed" this need of mine. The people are so delightful...I love trying their foods, listening to their music and learning more about "OUR" world.


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