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Bogdan Korczowski was born 29 September 1954 in Krakow, the city with which he still feels emotionally connected. In 1978 he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, in prof. Wlodzimierz Kunz's studio. His debut was at a Nowa Ruda festival in 1974 with a performance White Bicycle. In 1980 he moved to Paris where he currently resides and where, in 1985, he graduated from State College of Fine Arts in prof. Abraham Haddad's studio. In 1986 he was presented with the Regional Council of Ile-de-France in Paris award. In 1988 he received Pollock-Krasner Foundation grant in New York to where he frequently returned. In 1980 Korczowski began a series of paintings The Letters, where within his canvases, he started to include embellished symbols and ideograms.
In June 1989 a large exhibition Korczowski-Paintings took place in Warsaw's National Gallery of Art Zacheta. It was a proof that despite his debut as a performance artist and general tendency for the contemporary art to experiment with new, cutting edge concepts, Bogdan Korczowski remained faithful to the most traditional art medium: oil painting.
In 1998 Polish Institute in Paris organized artist's retrospective exhibition. So far Korczowski took part in approximately one hundred individual exhibitions in Europe and the USA. In 2004 he participated in Season Polski in France Nova Polska organized by Adam Mickiewicz Institute.
For the last twenty years the artist worked on installation devoted to Tadeusz Kantor entitled Kartonteka. This monumental piece, which since 1990 has been regularly updated, was inspired by Tadeusz Kantor's archive: Cricoteka. The latest version of Kartonteka (20 metres long and 3.5 metres high) was exhibited at Albert Chanot Center of Fine Arts in Clamart near Paris in 2010.
As well as Kartonteka, in 2010, Korczowski presented new series of painting works entitled Fruitée (Fruity).
In recent times the artist also regularly exhibited yet another installation named Fototeka in which he connects his painting style with technique of unique (Polaroid) photographic prints. The work is laid out on a wall like a fresco. In Fototeka the artist introduced the idea of an opposition between the abstract and the figurative, by placing himself half a way between expressionism and introspection.
Recently BWA in Gorzow Wielkopolski (Poland) presented the Three Decades of Painting 1979-2009 exhibition, which included retrospective-personal look at Korczowski's creative work. In 2011 Paul Delouvrier Museum in Evry/Paris opened an exhibition of his latest paintings Orbium Coelestium.

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