Artist Statement -

Veil; to conceal, hide, disguise, screen or obscure.
Reveal; to make known, disclose, divulge.

The themes explored in this collection are that of balance and clarity
“a state of equilibrium; equality in amount, weight, value, or importance, as between two things or the parts of a thing
the quality or condition of being clear; free from guilt or a charge of guilt; to rid of obstructions, entanglement
or obstacles; open...”

{I’m} inviting the viewer to step in and appreciate this perspective, and allow the viewer to look for deeper meanings.

The process is a result of wood, color, paint, something to scrape with, water, design elements, idea, emotion, feeling,
and an atmosphere coming together in a stream of consciousness composition that draws upon inspirations found in
various everyday situations. I carefully use all these elements to create the story that wishes to be told. Each painting
has it’s own meaning, and as a collection they refer to each other. In a very similar way that people and the world

The circle and the square symbols are repeated until they become an iconic theme that evokes an elegant, organic,
meditative quality. The idea of duality in these two elements suggest both past and future, heaven and earth, male
and female, opposites and mutual antithesis of inwards and outwards which is also represented in the layering of paint.
In astrology the circle represents the human spirit, the inner individual. In Western ideography the circle is a general
symbol for the eternal, the endless, that which is without beginning or end, all possibilities. The circle calls attention to
those signs it encircles. A center of communication.
The square in a horizontal-vertical position is an expression of the two dimensions that constitute a surface. Basically
means land, field, ground, or the element earth. The sign placed within the square indicates the ‘weather's’ effect on
the ground. In astrology the square signifies the most difficult and tense aspect that can occur between two planets in
a natal chart.
The rectangle becomes apart of the process, as well, adding yet another element to be considered.
The vertical rectangle or standing rectangle is very seldom used in Western ideography. In it’s use doubled, though the
rectangle is found on video appliances, meaning control button for pause. The horizontal rectangle was used already by
the Egyptians, where it meant garden pool. As a genealogical sign means buried.
The layering of paint is meant to conceal and expose at the same time, continuing the balance of duality. And in doing
so, to seek clarity in a greater meaning of one’s own identity and history.

krista marlene 2006

Artist Exhibitions

solo exhibitions

2006 Veiling and Revealing Part 2, 3 Eleven Art Gallery, San Pedro, California

2005 Krista Marlene, Veiling and Revealing: Recent Pantings, IVC Art Gallery, Irvine California

2004 Violette's rever (voilet’s dreaming), L Salon, Los Angeles, California

1999 Aisling Tri Aimisir ‘images from Ireland’, Ferrgie’s, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

1995 Krista Marlene: A Series of Bicycles , Blue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

group exhibitions

2005 six emerging artists, ‘conversations’, L Salon, Los Angeles, California; Cole Gerst, Johnny Nicoloro, Todd Squires, Krista Marlene, Tom Bradford, Jon Phillion

2005 Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Los Angeles, California, Donated Art

2001 Blood Moon ‘A Dollhouse Series’ , Headquarters Gallery, Los Angeles, California; Arabella Proffer, Krista Marlene, Tara Mc Pherson, Susan Becker, Biny Walker, Lucille Furr, and Fulvia Zambon

2001 Art For New York, Butterfields & Butterfields, Los Angeles, California, Donated Art to Mercy Corp

1999 Smashbox, Los Angeles, California

1996 A Christmas Story, Rouges Gallery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

1993 Windows, AIPH Gallery, Art Institute of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ...

Artist Publications

The Irvine Valley College Art Gallery opens September 16, 2005 with an exhibition of paintings by Los Angeles artist and photographer Krista Marlene. Veiling and Revealing consists of abstract paintings in acrylic, enamel and gel on wood. Having worked previously in photography, this series marks a departure for Marlene. Influenced by the urban environment where street posters and graffiti are a constant visual presence, Marlene set out to explore the process of image making itself in a series of work that recall the layers of imagery and paint on abandoned walls where traces of previous imagery and colors are barely discernable. Layers of acrylic, enamel and gel with dots placed in random patterns create a mediation on the process of representation where looking becomes an act of discerning recognizable shapes and patterns, and an exploration of the process of art itself. Veiling and Revealing question the relationship between abstraction and realism.

Artist Collections

Joyce Woodcock and Michael Borden, Jordan, New York, USA
Marlene E Castelow, Milford, Delaware, USA
Mike Levine and his awesome fiancee, Seattle, Washington, USA
Judith J. Tanzman & Philip D. Yankey; Pasadena, Cailifornia, USA
Elizabeth Bailey; Los Angeles, Cailifornia, USA

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