Artist Statement -

Hi friends my name is Krum Peev and I am artist. Before 15 years at once start to paint oil pictures. Like self-educated artist I can share that ART is manner of sensation, talent and love. In the years of success find different people who like my ART and paint for them oil pictures in many different stiles - expressionism, abstract, realism, impressionism. Think most from my clients like my ART because my stile is different and attractive. love to paint abstractions, landscapes and still-life that people say me that they have particularly artistic value and energy power, because most from them I paint by hands. As an unusual artist, I will try to carry you to my beautiful creative world filled with great grace and romance.

Artist Exhibitions

Artist Krum Peev was born in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1970 year. He paints oil pictures from 15 years.

I create own gallery in residential district Losenez in 2007 and four years later in 2011 make new Coffee Gallery Sun.

Most from oil pictures Krum Peev go in private collections in abroad. Many foreigners have arts from me most from Belgium, UK, Italy, Germany, USA, Nepal, Holland and others.

More than 100 sold in Bulgaria.

Stile artist is different and unusual. I like to play with colors use fantasy and action.

Exhibitions in Sofia – 2010, 2011, 2014, 2016 in Amsterdam 2012 year.


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Artist Collections

Numerous private, corporate, museum, gallery and government collections detailed information coming soon.

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