Artist Statement -

Kate Storm’s work is about the patterns and landscapes of her life, especially the journeys she has made into and out of relationships, places and experiences. Using clothing patterns, maps, journals, stamps, fortunes, photographs, journal writing and poetry, she presents a personal narrative of journey and struggle by utilizing collage, paint, and multimedia techniques in combination. The textures and translucent applications of pigment in Storm’s work culminate in a series of evocative, multi-layered pieces that symbiotically merge the processes of personal and aesthetic decision-making.

Artist Exhibitions

August, 2005 - "The Surface of Things," Emerging Artists: A Collection - Zanesville, Ohio
March, 2007 - "Anywhere But Here," Ohio Art League Gallery - Columbus, Ohio
Summer, 2007 - "Anywhere But Here," Brownstone Gallery - Columbus, Ohio
December, 2007 - Pieces at the Ohio Art League Gallery, other locations - Columbus, Ohio...

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