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The most beautiful part is that it invents itself. Simultaneoulsy, it re-invents us. The most intriguing part is that it is re-occuring: continuously becoming - therefore necessarily evolving and revealing. It is shameless because it reveals itself through us without permission, without the necessity of qualification and without the consent of choice. It is bold because it will simply arrive. Its existence is self-sustaining because its essence transcends us. It hungers only for our presence. When its passion beings to dance-we become its frenzy. When we dance in its frenzy we become its fantasy. When the energy becomes synergy-we transmit chaotic bursts. These bursts fuse into pulses that emanate and illuminate the impulses and intuitions that guide us. The visions are moments that actually exist. They transcend time so they are actual glimpses of a timelessness. When we free ourselves to submission we become one with creation. It is here that art and life merge and become one and the same moment. It is here that art will breathe with us and inform us of itself and ourselves. It's like magic. Art. Art is like magic.


Artist Exhibitions

Broadway Gallery
473 Broadway, 7th Floor
New York, NY
LURE Group Exhibition
June 16-30, 2008

Marziart Internationale Galerie
Hamburg, Germany
July 2008



1990 Windsor Printmakers Forum:
Annual Mini Print Exhibition: Honourable Mention

1990 Carrousel of Nations Exhibition
Windsor, ON

1990 Multicultural Society of Windsor & Essex County Exhibition

1990 Art in the Park, Windsor, ON

1990 Mackenzie Hall Art Festival, Windsor, ON

1992 Common Ground Gallery Exhibition
Windsor, ON

1993 Preposterous Exclusive Designs
Windsor, ON

1994 Eclectic Cafe, Windsor, ON

1994 Common Ground Gallery Exhibition
Windsor, ON

1995-96 University of Windsor, Humanities Research Group Exhibition

1994-96 Has Beans Cafe, Windsor, ON

1996-99 The Beans Cafe, Windsor, ON

1998 The Loop, Benefit for CJAM FM 91.5
Campus Radio, University of Windsor

1998 Press Club of Windsor

1999 University of Windsor, Faculty of Law, International Women's Day Exhibition

1999 Amsterdam Lounge, Calendar Release Exhibit, Windsor,ON

1999 University of Windsor, Faculty of Law, Calendar Release Exhibit

1999-00 Eclectic Cafe, Calendar Promotion Exhibit, Windsor, ON

2000 Praxis Gallery, Toronto, ON

2000 Le Bel Gallery, University of Windsor, The Lives of Girls & Women

2000 Black Law Student's Association Exhibition, Windsor,ON

2000 Johanson Charles Gallery, Detroit, MI

2000 Arcite Inc., Artseen VIII, Windsor, ON

2001 Robert Maniscalco Gallery, Detroit, MI
Girlee Detroit Group Exhibition

2001 Lavalourne Fine Arts, Featured on Axis Records
(Jeff Mills)Website, Chicago, IL

2001 Museum of New Art (MONA), Silent Auction: Participant
Detroit, MI

2001 Life Productions Inc., Life Festival Canada,
Official Festival Image Commission
Windsor, ON

2001 Majestic Cafe with Lavalourne Fine Arts & Axis Records
Solo Exhibition, Detroit, MI

2001 Intangible/Real Right Recordings, Compact Disc Cover Design
Detroit, MI

2001 Scarab Industry & Design Art Gallery
Indianapolis, Indiana

2002 ROAM Gallery
Royal Oak, MI

2002/2003 GalleryNOW
Armory Show

2004 International Art EXPO 2004 New York
New York City


Artist Publications

September/October 2008
Volume 13, No. 9/10

By Milton Fletcher


Drawing on theoretical discourse related to the semantics of desire and difference, curator Basak Malone constructs a platform for multiple investigations of liminal space through LURE, recently presented at Broadway Gallery in SoHo. Reinterpreting classic texts from French structuralist and post-structuralist theory, Malone skillfully orchestrates a compelling constellation of works by a group of serious international artists. Navigating concepts related to "the other", "the gaze", "the simulacrum", and "agency", the exhibition features works by Jane McAdam Freud, Beatrice Englert, Michel Beaucage, Monika Iatrou, Ko Bhamra, ARVEE, Freddy Flores Knistoff, Sandro Bisonni, and Destroy Be. Each artist envinces a unique reading of the central themes of the exhibition, a fact that results in a welcomed diversity in terms of the modes of conceptualization and practice on view in the show.
Pushing the envelope of painterly practices, are several distinct abstract artists exploring the boundaries between the real and "the other" as a space. Ko Bhamra submerges herself into a series of subconscious spaces, depicting the duality of agency inherent to the creative process itself. Not only does an artist invent an image, but the image re-invents the artist through process. According to Baudriallard, as the human subject attempts to understand the non-human object, which can only be grasped through its signifiers, he becomes seduced by its hyperreality. Echoing Batille's belief that erotic union causes a momentary indistinguishability between distinct object, and hence reveals new awareness of the unknowable continuity of being, Bhamra's approach is to renounce submission to the object itself, hence freeing her to witness a sense of timelessness that is unbound to the perceived world.
Through a broad range of styles and media, the artwork on view in LURE simulated in the viewer an awareness of difference, whether that difference was between opposing subjects, divergent forms, or even between the artwork and the viewer himself.


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