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In some of Robert Lardus paintings, one can find search for the expressive capacities of black. Robert Lardus is fascinated by how color captures other colors and places them in relief, as well as by a certain mysticism coming from his way of thinking. A silent secret, how he interprets forms and finds a place for them in his art. Much remains on the side of the viewer interpretations of mystical shapes and colors leave the onlooker in a state of uncertainty.
Robert Lardus lives in a world of forms and colors. He cultivates his individual perception of the world, looking for simple, but sumptuous beauty.
His technique is based on layers and texture paint. Robert’s artworks can be associated with richly woven renaissance tapestry in which the colors are distilled from the experiences of multiple senses.

Robert Lardus Credo
In my work, I try to capture what arises in my mind thoughts, memories, dreams, fears. There are not always beautiful, I often want to depict ugliness. They are not always valuable, because often they arise from low motivations. For me, painting is a dialogue between the artist and his work. I can start the picture with an idea, still the finale can be an absolute surprise to me. It is best to listen to your inner you instead of imposing on the image in advance what it should look like.

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