Artist Statement -

There are mysteries, certain emotions and powers in my work, which even I don’t fully understand, nor do I try to explain them. I accept them in the same manner one would accept the concept of God, completely, blindly and with faith. The more I search the deeper the forces take hold. It is always out of reach not entirely attainable always impenetrable. Mysteries have to be respected if they are to retain their strength.

It is a language filled with allegories, which can be compared with intuitive speech, sub-conscious levels of memory, and one that reveals the contents of the collective rather than of personal unconscious. My work comes from three main sources: the first having to do with the diversity and Diaspora of the Caribbean woman; the Marianismo, which defines the Hispanic woman’s traditional social role just as machismo ordains how Latino men should behave; the second source centers around the archetypal images and phases of women and finally the mystical traditions of Kabbalah and of spiritual growth. For me, art is a way of processing information and then sharing my perspective.

I find that my best work comes about whenever I surrender to the idea being explored and not over analyze what is occurring on the work surface. To respond to the moment and to take delights in having it unfold before you. However always being mindful and respectful of those mysteries that lie within; this can be a very frightening at times, if not a menacing place to explore since it is only human nature that we generally shy away from and are unwilling to venture into those spheres within our soul that make us uncomfortable and reveal truths about ourselves. By nature I am somewhat playful and possess a fairly funny sense of humor. However my work is far from whimsical.

I work from an arsenal of familiar medium pulling in from all influences and applying it where needed. I pull in from history, literature, music, religion, the morning paper, a walk in the country, a casual conversation, where ever the inspiration strikes, no one single source. Nonetheless, once I latch on to a thought it is hard for me to let go until I work out a direction and fully explore the possibilities within the theme. Always keeping in mind the underpinning of the universal paradox of women.

Artist Exhibitions

laura CUEVAS

Recent Works by Laura Cuevas
Sepia, Montclair, NJ

“Lighting the Way”
7th Annual Benefit Gala, Art Lives Studio,Boonton, NJ
“Works on Paper”
Gallery Beshert, Montclair, NJ
Avon Old Farm, Gala Spring Auction, Avon, Connecticut
Generation 04',
AIR Gallery, Benefit Fundraiser, Visiting Nurse Ass., NYC, NY

Second Annual,
Newark Arts Council “OPEN DOORS” Artist Studio Tour, Newark, NJ
Lux Magna Gallery, “Please Step Forward”, Newark, NJ
Hijas de Anacaona: Mujeres de Raza Cativo, Newark, NJ (Withdrew)

Newark Arts Council “OPEN DOORS” Artist Studio Tour, Newark, NJ
Jersey City Studio Tour, ARTBUILDER Gallery, Inc, Jersey City, NJ
Renaissance “ Flowering of the Arts”, Montclair, NJ

Ellen Ashley Gallery “Faces of Our Heritage” Newark, NJ
Kamate Trades Gallery “ Fall Harvest” Newark, NJ
Ellen Ashley Gallery “Genesis” Newark, NJ
NCC ARTS “Out of School & SO Cool” Newark, NJ


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