Artist Statement -

I work mostly in acrylic paints. I enjoy using rich colors. Color is important to me. I feel like it is clay when I paint. I like to sculpt and mold my images until the image has its own personality. Currently I am working on several series: birds, women and what I call tattoo or swirl people. I also work in pastels, watercolor, oil craypas and charcoal.

Corporis Artificium was my most recent exhibit of several series where the body image is the subject matter. The line of the body fascinates me. How we move and go is like watching lines flow on the surface of water. People don’t realize the grace and movement of their everyday actions. Simple movement becomes beautiful. I’m able to capture that elegance with lines color. The color should be rich as the spirit that I am trying to portray.

I think women should remember how beautiful we have always been. I hope my paintings remind people of the inner beauty that can come outwards that give women their radiant glow of life. We must take care of that spirit life within us by remembering to be simple. By simple I mean to like being just you.

No matter what the age of the body inside we are stunning. I feel the need to show my inner strength and pride to be a woman through my art. I hope other women are inspired to express their femininity to the world. It is my strength, not weakness.

Artist Exhibitions

May 2004 Carberry’s Bakery & Coffee House
Mass Ave, Arlington, MA

July 19- August 27 Arlington Center of The Arts
Tuft’s Street Community Gallery
41 Foster St., Arlington, MA

August 2004 Jefferson Cutter House Mass Ave,
Arlington, MA

Middle East Restaurant
480 Mass. Avenue, Cambridge, MA

October 2004 Arlington Center of The Arts - Open Studios
The Gibbs Gallery
41 Foster St., Arlington, MA

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