Artist Statement -

My work is about capturing moments that move and shift boundaries, a search for corners and spaces inside the process of work. The connecting point in my ambitions and dreams, not just as a photographer but foremost as a human being, is the desire to communicate stories, discover tales that seem hidden from the spectator and yet remain open to the inquisitive eye.

Looking back, my life has taken some different directions and occasionally it felt random and without orientation. However, working for political parties and finishing my studies, doing editorial work, later photography and contemporary dance, I kept searching for a similar content, for a bigger picture that holds memory and allows to grasp what seems true and valid throughout time.

The word unstill crossed my mind when I enrolled in dance photography in 1998. A new world opened up and I thought about the nature of stills, the ability to sense change and the in balance of time, the latter captured like a freeze in a singe moment. the word holds a different connotation in German. Still stands for silence and unstill implies the absence of it.

I am currently collaborating with contemporary artists in Vienna, Milan and Tokyo. It is a truly rewarding experience and I feel grateful to people I work and live with. I like to bring in a process what I have been able to acquire so far, share and learn from other artists, appreciate the community. All that is created in my opinion is made possible by various forces, creative minds spinning and inventing images that seem larger than life.

Thinking about such images I wish to quote Teiji Furuhashi, the founder of the Tokyo based performance group Dump Type. 'The important thing is not in remembering words, but in how you yourself recompose these words into reality, in how you make memories into something of your own.'

Artist Exhibitions

Wave Photo Gallery
Group exhibition on b/w dance photography in collaboration with Zoom Magazine Milan
Via Trieste 32/a
25121 Brescia
opening June 3, 2008 7 pm (through July 2)

International Art Affairs
Group exhibition on contemporary art in collaboration with Knew Gallery Washington DC
Blagden Alley between 9th & 10th and M & N Streets across from DC Convention Center
20001 Washington DC
opening May 15, 2008 at Space DC 903 N Street (through May 18)
hours 12 - 8.30 pm

Hanging Around Media Festival on Photography Music and the Performing Arts
Group exhibition with the media project wir_hier Frauenkunst unter Strafe
Project Office
Guentherstrasse 65
44143 Dortmund
August 25 - September 2, 2007

Event - The Knowledge of the Season
Group exhibition with the Dutch photographer Victor Bergen-Henegouwen on the occasion of a media event by Emio Greco and Pieter Scholten
Theater Bellevue
Leidsekade 90
1017 PN Amsterdam
opening June 23, 2007 4.30 pm

Sozialmarie 2007
Sozialmarie Award for the media project wir_hier Frauenkunst unter Strafe
Radiokulturhaus 15
1040 Vienna
presentation May 1, 2007 7 pm

Knew Gallery
Group exhibition on fine art photography
1639 Wisconsin Ave NW
Washington DC 20007
opening March 15, 2007 (through March 31)
info (202) 338 4588

Bankart1929 Yokohama
Mixed media performance in collaboration with Sengiku Bando and Takahiro Kawaguchi
premiere November 10, 2006 (through November 12)
info +81 45 663 2812

Austrian Cultural Forum Washington DC
Solo exhibition on b/w dance photography
3524 International Court NW
Washington DC 20008-3027
opening october 11, 2006 (through January 15, 2007)

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