Artist Statement -

The Line and Color of an Artist.
Lucy Drumonde
The provocation of line and color is the subsequent value of the artist and the art. Lucy Drumonde‘s cartoon and illustration design is the harmonizing line with the intensity of color.
The love of lines, textures, shapes, design, simplicity, and the element s of humor, and seriousness -they unify the complexity of playfulness and personality in the final creation of an idea.
Artists such as Peter Max, John Wesley, Alexander Caldwell, Gustave Klimt’s, and Egan Schiele have whimsical patterns in usage of their lines and color. As well their work has generated emotional and poetic expression. These artists draw contradictions towards each other, and yet convene to their audience the narration in their work.
The theory of line and color is to create a simplistic image in its equal balance. The feeling of the paper with the pencil, and the pen, they create the rhythm, and the lyrical aspects of the model or character. Egon Schiele’s drawing is an example he demonstrates in the intensity of his style.

These artists have influenced Drumonde’s own direction to my own freelance unique style of drawing, animation, illustration, painting, cartooning in linear observation, and the unmanliness of color.
Lucy Drumonde’s art illustrates the emotion, spiritual, and individual journey .The journey can be about vulnerability, fear, confusion, anger, denial, and acceptance. The manipulation of the image is to demonstrate the different levels of complexities of human behavior – and they provide the narration of the character. Many of these characters are created conceptually in their private world with social themes. They are trauma, happiness, depression, and struggle in emotional poignancy.
These themes ask, “Who is this person?” What is he or she feeling?
All these elements are to get an emotional reaction from the audience, while the artist’s thoughts still remain in the work.
The result is the contradiction of the artist’s thoughts hidden in the work versus how she is actually feeling is part of soliciting cultural commentary. This is the interesting ideal to actually present what I am feeling, rather than just providing commentary while continuing my pursuit of art as a form of self-expression.
Current body of work entitled “I See” is a series of variations in mixed media; depicting the anxieties and stresses of individuals while traveling in the city life.

Lucy Drumonde May 13, 2014

Artist Exhibitions

Ontario College of Art Annual Art Show Toronto, Ontario April 30-May 1st

“It Came From the Steward Building” Toronto, Ontario April 30-31st 1995.

(Integrated Media Graduation Show)

Ontario College of Art and Design Open House Toronto, Ontario April 1st-4th 1997.

Cartoonet Showcase of Illustrators and Cartoonists United Kingdom May 12th 1997.

Re: Reproduction Night The Rivoli Toronto, Ontario June 27th 1999.

Women’s ‘Cartoon Competition Ukraine June 1999.

“Art Beyond Borders '' Art Space Toronto, Ontario November 21 -30 2000.

Artstart Annual Art Community Show Toronto, Ontario February 11 2001.

“The Graffiti Project” Christie Ossingtion Neighborhood Centre Toronto, Ontario July- August 2001.

International Cartooon Exhibition "Women Cartoonists draw about FreeExpression'' Ploiesti,Romania January 15,2003.

The 1th International China Olympic Cartoon Competition Beijing, China October 2005

BIRD2005 International Art Award Cartoon Competition Beijing, China July 2005

SENAC LAPA SCIPIAO Brazilian Cartoon Competition Brazil June 2005

“Flowers” Facebook Presentation Canada July 2007.

"A New Day in New York '' You Tube Presentation United States September 11, 2007.

“An Artist’s Shadow in a Shutter” My Space Presentation Canada November 22,2007.

Animate the Issues- Ideas about Illness-Visions of Madness and Addiction November 8-17 2007.

Rendezvous with Madness Film Festival Workman Arts- NFB ONF Toronto, Ontario 2011

"Asylum" NuitBlanche Toronto October 1-2 2011.

Workman Arts Membership Showcase Toronto, Canada June 22,2011

Www. International Art Catalogue Europe August 2011 Art Gallery Philippines September 2011

‘Comfort” Propeller Gallery Artist Gallery Toronto, Ontario Canada December 11-19th 2011

Partook International Internet Art Gallery Europe January -December 2012

(CAMH) Canadian Mental Health Association self-tilled art show Toronto, Ontario June 2011-June 2012

Maria .A. Shoucuka Library Self titled art show Toronto, Ontario Canada April 2-30 2012

Propeller Gallery Group Show Toronto, Ontario November 2011

Gospel Gallery Embrace Community Fundraiser Group Show Mississauga, Ontario October 2012

“Memory” Celebrating Health and Mental Health Week Toronto, Ontario May 2013

“Lindsay Veh, Work in Progress’’ Celebrating Art and Mental Health Toronto, Ontario May 2013

Rendezvous With Madness Film Festival Toronto Ontario November 2013


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