Artist Statement -

Born February 20th 1956 - Hollywood, CA.

High School Manual Arts H.S. - Los Angeles, CA.
Graduated 1973

College Los Angeles Trade Technical CollegeLos Angeles, CA.
Attended 1977 - 1978 - Mechanical Drafting.

College Los Angeles City College - Los Angeles, CA.
Attended 1985 - 1987 - Management Information Technology.

Career in the IT profession Employed by several major corporation - from 1981 - Current.

Currently lives in Jurupa Valley, CA.

Always a visionary and realist, everything I do is for the sole purpose of pleasing, provoking thought, asking the question, and then an indelible possession of the public trust as one of the best artist and painters of this time.

Fully dedicated to my Art and the vision, history, and the cultivation of creating, perusing all there is to explore, invent, and reinvent the essence of the art form, painting is such a fulfillment for me and I will always be dedicated to it. No matter how many try to label you or categorize your body of work to their benefit, the ultimate goal is to create and JUST DO IT... Maintaining the utmost professionalism, forever taking my art to greater heights, trying to for fill a childhood dream of becoming a professional artist. An artist I have become sharing my vision and creations with the world, what a wonderful feeling it is to be welcomed and excepted by so many around the world, as it has been for me in the last few years. I will continue to bring to my fans, family, and friends the best that I have to offer. With that said, my story as a child artist to now let me share with you.

I have been an artist as long as I can remember. From the time I was a little boy I have been sketching and drawing my favorite cartoons and super heros. I remember my first painting when I was in kindergarten in Mrs. lees class at Ann Street Elementary School. On my first day of school I painted a finger painting in orange and brown paint, and Barbara McClain, one of my classmates, was actually jealous of my painting. We threw some paint at one another and then she dumped all of her paint all over the brown suit that my mom had bought me for my first day of school. The painting and the brown suit are gone but the memory of that moment has always been with me. Impressions of ones memories, Impressions of life, and ones life on canvas.

I really became interested in art while attending high school at Manual Arts H.S. and college at Los Angeles City College. Mr. Tetie, my high school art history teacher, truly brought it home while I was in his class. The likes of Jackson Pollockwhom also is a fellow Toiler, from Manual Arts h.s., Jean Michel Basquiat, Claude Monet, Edouard Manet, Pablo Picasso, and others truly inspired me then and today. Looking at their paintings and their style enlightens me. For awhile I painted most of my paintings while in high school, in the style of Monet. Monets style and background intrigued me the most. And Picasso is the most interesting and profound artist of our times. Picassos style is hinted in most of my paintings. While in college I painted portraits of two African American heros, Dr. Charles Drew, and Frederick Douglas. Both paintings turned out so well that my art instructor entered them in a contest, and both won ribbons. She asked me if she could buy them from me, so I gave both paintings to her for free.

Inspirationalism art is what I do today. Out of the 300 paintings I have painted in the last 20 years 99 of them were inspired by my belief in God, life experiences, and my travels throughout this great country of ours, America.

Look for more of my style and paintings throughout the years to come, for art is truly my destiny and my future Ill be painting from now until the next millennium.


Leo Evans
3731 Eve Cir. Apt.M
Jurupa Valley, Ca. 91752
FAX me
Phone 951.362-3030 951909
Home 951.332.6951

Artist Exhibitions




Fontana’s Premiere Artists, Luise Andersen and Leo Evans exhibit their
Art collectively for the first time…

Both artists have a longtime history in Fontana as artists and are a visible part of this city’s Art Culture.

Luise Andersen and Leo Evans are Artists in their own right on National and International level.

Both artists have established a major presence on the Global Internet Community; their Art is collected worldwide.

Please mark your calendar for this special event. Share and spread the word.

The admission is free.

Luise Andersen and Leo Evans will donate 20% of their proceeds to any local charitable children’s foundation.

Exhibition at: Sierra Lakes Golf Club
16600 Country Club Drive
Fontana, Ca. 92336

Phone: 909-350- 2500

Art Exhibition is held in the Foyer/Patio of Sierra Lakes Golf Club

Sunday, July 26, 2009 ~ From 10 am - 2 pm

Artist Info:

Luise Andersen ~
Leo Evans ~

Please Note: As usual, the Sierra Lakes Golf Club is open for Champagne Brunch and Bar. Prices are available through Sierra Lakes Golf Club. Phone: 909 – 350 - 2500


Presented by the: Fontana Art Association
Koehler Gallery
8536 Sierra Ave.
Fontana, Ca. 92336
Gallery Hours:
Tues...Sat. 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Show Date: May 12 - June 27
Artist Reception Sat.. June 6
From 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.
A group show...Featured artists:

Leo Evans
Kathy Eppick
Alex Garcia
Marty Michaelson
Susan Hoskinson
Lucien van Oosten Jr.
Ashley Misner
Robert Marshall


Where: Fonatna Art Depot ~ A night out with the cars' and stars of Fontana ~ Exhibited some of my Fusion glass collection.

When: 11/07/2008

Where: Sierra Middle School - Riverside CA. - Exhibition and Lecture
Black History Celebration and Assembly.

When: 02/13/2007

Where: Claremont Colleges/Honnold/Mudd Library - Claremont, CA. - Photo shoot/of my painting that hangs' there - "Seven souls return to heaven"

When: 02/20/2007

Where: Cal State Fullerton/Gospel Fest 2007 - Fullerton, CA. - CSUF Titan Pavilion A & B

When: 02/24/2007

Where: Fontana Creative Art Center - Fontana, CA. - Exhibition and Reception - "A Celebration of African history & Culture"

When: 03/04/2007

Where: The Lark's Art & Jazz Buffet Art, Jazz, Food, Live Auction -
"Foothill AIDS Project"

When: 03/09/2007

Where: Marziart Internationale Galerie Malschule + Studio - Hamburg, Germany

When: 07/2007 - 08/2007



When: 11/19/2000

Where: Coop Ballroom, Pomona College,
Claremont, Calif

When: 12/20/2000

Where: Tucker Elementary School -
San Jose, CA., 2001:

When: 11/19/2001

Where: Coop Ballroom, Pomona College,
Claremont, Calif

When: 10/1/2004 - 10/31/2004 - Artist of the Month

Where: Fontana Art Association

Several of my works are there now...Including the Four Seasons' series.

When: 12/19/2004 - 01/19/2005 - "Past,Present,and Future"

Where: Fontana Art Assocaition

When: 03/04/2005 - 03/28/2005

Where: Pomona Colony - Soho Gallery - One of my favorite pieces "Solitude" will be on display as part of a group show.

When: 04/19/2005 - 5:00 P.M.

Where: Fontana City Hall...Art Walk - Show Theme - "I FULL OF COLOR"
over forty of my paintings will be on display.

When: 04/24/2005 - 9:00 am - 12:00 noon

Where: City of Angels Church of Religious Science - Art Exhibition -Over 10 of my works will be on display.

When: 05/22/2005 - 2:00 pm - 7:00

Where: Riverside Museum of Art, Riverside California - Orange Blossom Festival Exhibition - 5 of my most cuurent works will be on display.

When: 06/03/2005 - Friday the 3rd - 3:00 pm to 8:30 pm - Saturday the 4th - 11:00 to 8:30 pm

Where: The Woman's Club, Fontana California - Art y Cultura Exhibition - 5 of my works will be on display.

When: 06/25/2005 - Saturday the 25th - 10:30 - 4:30

Where: Cal Poly Pomona Downtown Center Pomona Art Colony - Aha Art Summit - and Fontana Art Association - Three of my new pieces will be on display "Quest for Knowledge","Matrix Male","Matrix Female"...come and join us.

Where:"One Man Internet Gallery"
Listed under Internation Artist.

When: 08/01/2005 - Until

Where: Sierra Middle School - Riverside CA. - Exhibition and Lecture

When: 02/28/2006

Where: Sierra Middle School - Riverside CA. - Exhibition and Lecture
Black History Celebration and Assembly.

When: 02/13/2007

Where: Claremont Colleges/Honnold/Mudd Library - Claremont, CA. - Photo shoot/of my painting that hangs' there - "Seven souls return to heaven"

When: 02/20/2007

Where: Fontana Art Assocaition - Fontana, CA. - Exhibition and Reception

When: 03/04/2007



Artist Publications

Article published May 2003 - CUC Scene - News from the staff of Claremont University Consortium. Article includes a perspective of my background as artists, my education, and some of the shows I've done locally. The article also includes the donation of my work "Seven Souls Return To Heaven", and the poem "Seven Braves Souls Forever Free"...articles includes a photo of myself at my home along side one of my other most recent works..."A Nice Day For A Sail".

Quote from the article by the staff: "The Artist Leo Evans graciously donated the work. "Seven Souls Return To Heaven," to CUC to memorialize the recent NASA Columbia shuttle crew disaster. The colorful piece will hang proudly in Honnold-Mudd Library".

Article published September 5th 2003 - Daily Bulletin News paper - Ontario, CA.

Articles talks about my early humble beginnings to my current role in the art world. The articles displays one of my favorite paintings..."The Apple" painted - 1994 - Abstract - 36x40...Also mentions my purpose for doing this all my son Leo Evans Jr to...whom I've dedicated my entire inspiration for keeping me going. Last the articles speaks’ about me attending the Art expo in New York Feb - Mar 2004...and my schedule showing of my works to be held at my home late September / 2003…Article reported by Staff Writer, Andrew Moyle –Photos’ by, Staff Photographer – Therese Tran.

Article published in the October 2003 addition of the - 210 magazine
High lighting artist's in the Rancho Cucamonga, Fontana, and Rialto areas'...

My story on page 10 - 11 Titled - Fonatana artist's lifelong love of painting...A follow up story from the previous story in the Daily Bulletin...dated September 5th 2003.

Article published September 17th 2004 - Daily Bulletin News paper - City News Addition - Ontario, CA.

Artist On Display - by Bill Runyan...Leo Evans is an Artist. His works in the front window of the Fontana Art Center, Four paintings, leaning to abstract mutimedia. I can hardly wait to see his computer graphics...Leo is also the Artist of the month for Octorber.

Article published Octomber 8th 2004 - Daily Bulletin News paper - City News Addition - Ontario, CA.

Honorable Mention - by Bill Runyan...Artist of the month Leo Evans, Gallery chairwoman Luise Andersen, who is also president of the Fontana Art Association, said his works in a range of media from paints and sculture to enhanced digital photography and computer grahics, both realistic and abstract.

Article published May 10th, 2005 -
Spotlight Story: Fontana City Hall Showcases local Art
Inspirational Painting by, Monique Henderson (The Press-Enterprise)

A new art exhibit at Fontana's City Hall Showcases the Colorful paintings of local artist Leo Evans. The free exhibit, "I'm full of Color", continues through May 30th.

Article published March 09th, 2007 -
City News Addition - Rancho Cumcamonga, Fontana, Ontario:
"Artist learns from influence of high school heroes"
Article by Staff Writer, Christina Hernanez of the Daily Bulletin.


Artist Collections - When I was a CHILD. Guilford, CT

Honnold - Mudd Library, Claremont, CA, USA - My Painting "Seven Souls return to Heaven", and Poem "Seven Brave Souls forever free". Painting, and Poem were donated 2/2003 - "Rain Dance" - Painting - Acrylic - 48 x 36 - painted 2000 - Painting reproduced to compliment a poem at - that will be published online Octorber. - Poem by Alyssa Hayek - Painting by Leo Evans


Artist Favorites