Artist Statement -

I am on a search for hidden feelings. Abstract images that reveal unknown emotions lurking inside myself and within those who view my work. Like the cacti and succulents featured in this series, we are shielded with tough exteriors. From a distance, and at a comfortable scale, we seem protected and strong, self-sufficient and safe. But a closer look reveals a tempest of unmet needs and conflicting drives. Fear. Aggression. Tenderness. Humor. Tension. Sensuality.

This series began with a single photograph. An image that was initially overlooked. Not an accurate representation of a cactus. But I found myself unable to set it aside. Eventually, I realized that it was a very accurate representation of something else. Of passion and sexuality. Of daring and risk. As I worked with the image, it became more than just a plant. And I knew that one photograph was not enough. Employing unconventional composition, seeking stark contrast between light and dark, and using digital techniques to preserve the classic look of film, a single image inspired a series. In the most parched, most alien life forms; I found something undeniably fluid and unavoidably human. In looking at these images, I found I was looking inside myself. It is my wish that you may find yourself hidden there as well.

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