Artist Statement -

Luccia Lignan , structures the shapes with rich modellings of color. Before undertaking any work, she thinks instinctively for days and weeks, creating established rules in her imagination. An order, balance, and audacity allow her canvas to have the sweetness of the color that flow, with great expressivity, of course, properly orchestrated. Her nudes talk to us about sensuality. Her women are sensitive and relaxed, they are grateful to be alive, and their gratitude is shown in their body language.

The Portrait, The Still-Life, and The Landscape form the parts of her production, demonstrating her pictorial discipline in The International Contemporary Art Scene. Also in splendid abstractions her mind sees a universe governed by textures and harmonic colors that stimulate the spectator; canvas full of colours, put in our face like a fountain of pure pleasure. All her nudes encompass an air of innocence, despite being very conscious of their charms. Whether they are individual figures or compositions, they take part in design for theatrical sceneries and murals.

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I am in the process of compiling my past and current exhibition opportunities.

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