Artist Statement -

A piece of art should be a pleasure to look at, not a reason for complicated thoughts. Happy colors should be all over the artpiece, or colors that make you enjoy in any way to watch the art. Happy colors to me are yellow ocre and mediterranean blue, often used in the digital art I make. Interesting colors to me are bordeaux, black, bronze, grey, mint put together with white. As a digital artist, the computer allows me to change the scale, color, brightness and opacity of parts in the picture.
It allows me to experiment endlessly, save variations and make comparisons which I could never do with traditional media. It is a medium always challenging me to find the best composition.
As a non-digital artist sometimes I go into my atelier and just start manipulating with acrylics. An idea may grow out of exploring different shapes.
It is exciting to find combinations of colors and shape that make you visualize an idea, whether with acrylics, conte or pastels. In this exciting way, some beautiful piece of art can arise !!
Pleasant imaginations to me are streets with ancient houses, they make me feel comfortable. Old trees do the same. Art must give a pause in the room where it is...and the surroundings must be reflected in the piece of art.

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I am in the process of compiling my past and current exhibition opportunities.

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