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Artist Exhibitions

"The Poker and the Red Bottle" & "Sunshine from the Bathroom" were selected by the Art Museum of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 2006.

"Song in Summer" & "A Mystical Dream" were selected by the Second Session of "Guangdong Art Exhibition in the New Youth" (Guangdong Art Museum).

"The Green Grassland" was selected by The Exhibition of Small Size Oil Painting of China (Guangzhou & Hong Kong) in Hong Kong Cultural Center in 2007.

"The Venice" & "The Landscape series" in Tibet were collected by the Japanese collector in 2007.

"The Benediction from angle" was collected by the professor of the Sun Yat-Sen university.

"The French Rose" was collected by Pauline Lee (president of the La Rose Blanche Paris) in 2007.

Made an improvisation at anti-Sichuan Earthquake activities and contributed the oil painting "Rebuilding Our Hometown" which was worthy of 300,000 RMB to the disaster areas in 2008.

Invited for the improvisation in De Qing city by the government of De Qing city.

Artexpo 2015, New York

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