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For me art was a childhood experience, in time during a busy schedule in the advertising empire as it was in college of Management too, creativity had become an essence and a passion. This passion for art made me live life twice. College and work had made me immensely busy even to think of doing any other work. But life showed me to adopt art seriously after a very tragic accident. A spinal cord injury which made me immobile for years. Things still didn't change a lot since then. Being a quadriplegic it was that time I saw life in its own way in which I had missed out on a lot of simple thing’s as we all do. Still, hope made me hold the brush and the journey began through the canvas of life once again. For at that time every simple moment had become a mere measure of enhancement. For me Life, loneliness and transcendence had actually become subject’s of my painting’s.

As we all know a human being is neither perfect like God, nor ignorant like an animal. Humans, who are caught in this boundary of the two extremes, exist incompletely.
This imperfectness deeply fascinated me. I feel that since paintings should have souls, you (the viewer) need to communicate with that soul through its "Eyes". I love working with Charcoals, acrylics, pen, water colors, scratch board and more media. Lastly I want to make artworks that people can appreciate from the heart, not from the brain; unlike most of the contemporary art. I hope to be able to express my deep interest, awe and admiration for all human being.

My dream is that every person has his strength, and no other person can deny it. We just have to have a clear mind and go for it. So what if our dreams are not fulfilled, at least our effort would make us satisfied.

"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift." Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoed my work. If you have any comments, feel free to mail me at lohit_nagraj02 at yahoo dot com

Thank you.

Lohith N Kesarmadhu

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